Thursday, December 15, 2016

Carolina Blue with North Pole Freeze

It is going to be 19 degrees F in the morning.
Trying to get my Christmas up.
I do not like the word, can't.
Better, I like the word...sleep, in all day...

Guess what keeps the cats away from the tree...
citrus peels. We clipped about 25 of them all over the bottom part of the tree.
 Then, surrounded the base of the tree with pine cones
Lynsey and her mother were then able to decorate the tree.
So far, so good.

 Thank you Ellen for the cutest ornament..a pincushion sleigh!!
 Did I share my Chanukah dog??
Push the ear button and he dances and sings...from the white elephant game at the party.

Derrick, our Orkin man came this afternoon.
I told him that I wished I had a Christmas present for him.
He laughed and told me that he still had my Karate potholder from last year
I asked him if he used it...all the time, he said...I love it.
I offered him another and he jumped on it.
He picked out two more..I was really thrilled.
It never occurred to me to offer a potholder to a very big guy who, on the side teaches Karate and is a bouncer at a club..
I was wrong   So happy.

I delivered hand warmers to the school for the teachers.
I delivered the Chanukah tissue covers to the J.
Each time I bumped into just the right people..It is a God thing!!

Gotta tell you that my Wednesday night group put on a wonderful
Birthday party for me last night.  MP gave me my favorite of all favorites.
Little Red Riding Hood's
Grandma and the Wolf...I just love it.
I really turned out just like my mother..surprise...
Toys are too much fun.
Anyway...I so identify....and just so you know...Grandma will win!!!!


Joye with an e said...

I had to smile about your citrus peels. I never tried that, but once I had a kitty who liked to climb in the Christmas tree, to the top, and knock the angel off. Another kitty would climb in it, but she was afraid of the vacuum cleaner, so I just parked it beside the tree and the presence of it kept her out! Merry Christmas to all in the O'Quilts family.

Rachaeldaisy said...

Your pot holders are the best!! It doesn't suprise me that the Karate man loves his. Its good the citrus peel works, I hope it smells nice too.
Take care, Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas with smiles!!