Friday, December 9, 2016

Just So You Know..Mrs. O'Quilts Continues on....

After my weekend sleep-in...I got a bit more energy.
Energy enough to make a most yummy pot roast in Grandma's dutch oven.
It was a Pioneer Woman recipe..which one, I forgot..but it was terrific.
Actually I saw the post on someones blog...Whose??
 I am ready to baste this quilt top, with a little help from my friends next week.
The red balls are the final addition.
  I will quilt them when I free motion the rest of the quilt.
 Poor, poor dog...usurped by a cat!!
 The past few nights have been great fun..Of course, quilty fun.
Wednesday night, the Charlotte Quilt Guild had an awesome Christmas dinner.
  It was catered no less. I won a table prize..potholders and
Thursday, today there were 7 of us in one van on a road trip to IKEA
A ten dollar sale snagged this children's duvet cover plus pillow case.
The duvet cover is darling and has at least 5 yards of fabric...Wahoo...
Just how much fun can a quilting group have???
On our list was laughter and we got it first thing...
 Then...cyber Monday fabric sales....still coming in...
as she hides her face in bewilderment..
 This adorable fabric even has a Dala Horse!!
Tuesday night was the Charlotte Modern Quilt Guild potluck dinner.
Only 15 people came, but it was soooo much fun.
The end technique was the 15 min of play from Victoria Wolfe.
We all agreed to do some of that for show and tell next month.
I came right home and started with this odd bag of red and white scraps.
Happenstance that they were strips...Oh, so...
I will leave the ironing to another day...or maybe for Lynsey.

This year will be an unusual Christmas...It could be lonely..or not.
I think no one is coming.
I really do not feel like
I asked two of the children what one thing would they like for a special
Christmas dinner...
Evan, age 11...little pizzas from Costco.
Lynsey, age 7....Lima beans.
And I was feeling badly that I was not cooking a turkey!!!!
Thus...the Muldoon news....


Mary said...

Little pizzas and Lima beans. Sounds like the basis of a delightful Christmas feast to me! So glad to hear you've gotten a little energy back and have had some fun this week.

m. said...

Love your red fabric with windmills and horses! Love the 15 minutes of play (bought the book a few years ago. It was already what I loved to do, but isn't it nice to be validated by an artist and her beautiful book?! Still love to browse through the pictures in it!). And pizza for Christmas?! Count me in...almost 40 years ago I started a tradition in this family of Christmas Eve pizza. Yum!