Friday, December 9, 2016

THE Trunk Show!!

My girl is in Bangkok, three picture.
After all day sightseeing, evidently the preferred option available is feet soaking with fish.
Just thought you would  like to know.
They know what is good for
At one of the temples, they had a 30 minute massage for $6.

My girl in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Report:  She loves it!!!
Message today...They spent all day with 4 couples with 4 elephants out in the rural countryside.
They fed them many times, walked with them through hilly areas. mud bathed them and, rinsed them in the river.  To rinse themselves off in the end, B and E just jumped in the waterfall

 They had signed up for a day long cooking class,
 making. 5 different dishes on an organic farm.
Evidently there is quite a cafe life, organic and peaceful.

These chatty updates from their honeymoon in Thailand
make such a difference to me,
She sends me love from wherever she goes.

How can I be so lucky???

It is a lovely reprieve from:

I looked but you weren't there
I called but you didn't answer
I cried but wiped my own tears 
I yelled but no sounds came 
I dreamed and you seemed alive
I awoke but you were no where to be found
I tried to hear your voice but my head was empty
I imagined no tomorrow but I woke up the next day
I closed my eyes but found another day
I finally decided to let you go
To say goodbye once and for all.

Terri Lynn Doten


ES said...

What a honeymoon!!! We had ours in Australia:)

Karaquilts said...

What an exciting adventure for both Emily and YOU! I so enjoy and appreciate their stories and photos. What an age we live in where it is so easy to stay in touch no matter where we might roam. Technology (that works) is such a blessing in so many ways. And your kids are making memories for their whole lifetime. It feels good and right.

Courtney said...

Wow, what an amazing honeymoon! They are such a blessing in your life. Thank you for sharing them with us too. I haven't been as good at keeping up with the blog reading lately, but you are still on my mind often. I hope you are not just getting through this holiday season, but finding some joy in it, too!