Saturday, February 4, 2017

Collecting and a Family Story..

#1  The Collection:
I sew was not going to this sale...
Just like chocolate, I forgot somehow, that I felt poorly.
A king size  completed quilt top,  ( I spy a patch or two from the 70's)
A partially made 40's top with all the fabric to complete it.
Star blocks, hand pieced

A needle book collection that I must have really, really needed???
A little patchwork heart that I am going to make into a name tag.
Plaid flannels and plaid plains
 A funky duck holder...I love funky!!

#2  A Story:
My mother retired at 62.
We treated her like a 2 year old and coined the phrase:
("the terrible 62's)
She had decided to celebrate her own life.  We were aghast.
She announced that she had graduated from motherhood.
 THAT did not go over too well with the family.
She would set the clock and lock herself in her bedroom for 30 minutes.
Reading the newspaper and listening to Madame Butterfly made us all...
to the person, quite jealous.
To this day, I do not  like the music of "Madam Butterfly"  lol.

As for me.....I think I will take a lover and move to the beach for a year.
Oh No!!!!!  Just kidding
Ha ha ha...that would be the crazy 69s...
The overwhelming crises here have left me hugely exhausted.
I have decided to buy online and elsewhere for myself.
It is painful to walk..I miss my Dear Man... so what the heck.??
First, it was fabric to save my soul..during the lonely times.
Next, shirts for myself , justified because I had none,,,
The sizes just were not right, somehow...the M&M problem, you know...

After my diagnosis last week, I started collecting canes.
I now have six of them...all delivered right to my door.
 I went to an estate sale of a master quilter today.
I grabbed it all up, bringing it my estate,
. Her distraught daughters knew nothing about
Quilting.and were sad and quite overcome.
As I added some of her stash to mine..and her collections to mine.
I must say, that thoughts of my dear Emily floated, just floated..

None of these things of course have righted the missing
Nor have they cured the pain.
But they are mine and me and I will do it if I want to..

At very bad times, I am friendless and alone.
My cognitive distortions shout loudly.
My friends have abandoned me...
They do not anymore like fluffy, nor bionic.
They have to walk me here and there lest I fall
I am disabled.  I am old.
My bestie calls herself, CL...chopped liver, when I talk like this.
.  I laugh.
When the distortions fade, usually with the light of day.
Gratitude comes forth..
Lucky me.
Lucky  Lucky  Lucky me!


Karaquilts said...

I know I would have liked your mother! Great story about her. and I understand the crazy mood swings ~ ~ from terrible to wonderful in a few hours. Hang on and take the ride. Maybe the swings will swing closer and closer to normal. And I am thankful with you always for the help you have with the children. Single parenting is a challenge at any age, but at 69, it's even more than that. So relieved that you get a weekend or day or evening here and there just for you. Enjoy your new quiltie acquisitions. Fondle and stroke and admire them. Then do whatever you want ~ ~ finish them, gift them, donate them, store them. You deserve these moments. Extra big hugs today.

Dora, the Quilter said...

What a fortunate legacy acquisition!
As for the other part of your post--oh, that brings back all those painful memories of incomparable stress I experienced 15 and 20 years ago. I didn't think I'd survive, although I knew I had to for the sake of my daughters, then I didn't think I'd survive the stresses that came later. I did. My prayer for you is that you will be looking back on this time very, very soon, feeling good health and rejoicing.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

You are definitely not alone, the sale of those lovely pretties came just at the right time. They are certainly less fattening than M&Ms.