Saturday, February 18, 2017

Mush and Mash and Sun Peaking Out

The latest quilting convert!!!!
From across the pond...Irish in France comes part of the....
 Muldoon European connection!!
Yeah!! Geraldine....
Let's get going Ita!!!!
 Hand piecing
A present here...with a piece of Guatemalan fabric from Nancy's house.
A pantry plastic bag holder for my Guatemalan neighbor..
OMG  Look at the European packaging for cigarettes...OMG
A different health picture on each package.
This one...Geraldine's Marlboro...package..
I never saw anything like it.
The entire package is made up of warning...

Protest...part of the way America works...
The Artful American Protest

So Happy Valentine's Day!!
The Way You Look Tonight

It  has been a rough few days..., the sun came out..

Irish visitors brought both sad and glad.
My dear man's family.
They did not forget!!!
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1 comment:

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Lovely that you had a sewing friend. I couldn't understand why there were always plastic bags on the kitchen floor, then I looked at the bag holder, the elastic had gone in the bottom!