Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The O'Quilts Circus

Our group friendship sampler top of 2 years ago.
Finally finished...Happy me.
We used Block- in the Box.
My fabric was Civil War reproduction
 Below, the backing.
 While in the mountains...I made the Disappearing nine patch,
Five of us did..different fabrics..Thirties has always touched my heart.
 Below some random pattern,,,,,not so happy with this one.

Remnants of our fun time, just awaiting borders.

Today was a day to forget.
But, I cannot.
My balance has deteriorated since my fall week Sunday with the needle business.
Today I had an appointment with my knee ortho guy.
New knee great....shoulder almost totally destroyed by arthritis.
Total shoulder replacement scheduled for this February 27th.
Instead of buying I m buying canes online...I now have six...
One in the in the bathrooms..etc

I had thought of Hawaii....but the chance of three operations
in 8 months was just too enticing!!! 
He told me that we had to get it done because...
the right hip would be the was going fast.
that would be before the left knee.

He said that he has done 6 major joints on some and it looks like
 I could well be one of those.
Degenerative joint disease.
Tears and pain are my bedfellows.


ES said...

Arthritis is just awful. Good luck for the operation at the end of the month. X

Unknown said...

The quilts are beautiful, even the random one. Helps me remember that random can be just as beautiful as planned, often times more so! Sending love & prayers for you, your body and the surgery.

Karaquilts said...

I always enjoy your quilt shows! So glad you are able to intersperse your adventures with beautiful new quilts. I hate that you are so plagued with pain and arthritis, but it is amazing to be able to anticipate new joints. What a miracle they are for you and so many others. May February 27 come and go quickly so that you can be relieved of one more source of agony!

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oh, so very sorry! But continue creating!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I love your friendship quilt, great fabrics and colours. I'm not so keen on the random quilt as I prefer traditional quilts. I don't think people realise how painful arthritis is. I hope they are able to help you.