Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Me and the Hulk...a disarming relationship

Nancy's quilt top..king awesome is this!!!!!
Just gotta see a lovely quilt cuzz
The Hulk roller coaster portrays....The life of Mrs. O'Quilts.
Grief in a nutshell...Mood swings...
Up and down I go...even at 21 months out..
Today..Bad:  One kid sick..stayed home from school...old grandma up several times in the night.
Good:  My niece came over to help out. Child all better now.

Good; Lunch out with a charming refreshing and uplifting.

Good and Bad..Doctor's visit...x-ray shows that my fall two weeks ago may have produced a compressed disk.
Good news is in 8 weeks it should fix itself.

Bad... Down...way down..:
Tigger said his goodbyes tonight.
Both Evan and I cried.

Tigger had a nose cancer and other things...  13 seems young..but that is life.
Good:  My Wednesday night quilting group.
They are so much fun.  So good to  me.
We had great fun showing off our sale fabric from another quilter's sale

Since my arthritis has quickly progressed, I am unstable on my feet
So off to the internet to start my cane collection..
the flask cane

It is good to visit with other grieving friends...laughing and crying together.
It is tough to see pain in someone else's eyes.
We are all struggling.
Now, I am struggling to find hope for myself.
I am frightened by my declining ortho health and balance.
I am lifted up by friends.
They are rooting for me not to go down..


ES said...

I'm sorry to hear you had to say goodbye to Tigger. X

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Tigger. Poor baby, poor you. My kitty is almost 14 and he's starting to show his age. I think I'm "pre-grieving" some days. Is that a thing?

So sorry to hear of your health problems. Getting old really sucks some days. My arthritis is bad lately too, with our very cold weather. I'll be ready for spring when it shows up!

A flask cane! Oh, somehow I don't think that will help the balance issue! But, on the other hand, maybe you wouldn't care! :)

http://thankfullga447 said...

Glad you went out to lunch,sorry about all the setbacks.

Dora, the Quilter said...

Diane, I was horribly crippled with arthritis from late August into November and December. Since I'd experienced the same things 40 years ago due to corn products, I took a good look at how my life had changed and realized it could be coffee. It was! Naproxin in a clinical dose and no coffee (which I love!) Now the rheumatoid arthritis is pretty well gone--I do love to smell my friends' coffee--and sometime within the next few weeks I may have to have a cup, just to see if I have any tolerance at all yet. Has anything in your diet changed or consumption of something increased?

Cjsmimi said...

Greetings, friend! Your blogs are a roller coaster and yet they leave me wanting to hear more. Thank you, thank you for recommending "15 Minutes of Play improvisational Quilts." Just received it today (thanks Internet) and I cannot wait to delve into it. I am so sorry that your Tigger has crossed the rainbow bridge. Pets are so wonderful and nonjudgmental , aren't they? You are in my daily prayers and I'm hoping that you are doing all you can to prepare for your surgery. Preserve your strength and try to stay positive (I know that's a biggie). Sending love to you...

Cjsmimi said...
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Cjsmimi said...
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Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Hopefully the down on the rollercoaster won't last long and you'll be back to sewing, I love the giant quilt. Sorry to hear about Tigger, cats can be a big part of our lives.