Sunday, February 5, 2017

Value, Values...and Such

The supervisor:
Our Stitch always did like purple!!!

Voila...King Value!!!!!
I got the hues last night...I chose one, but couldn't secure value.
Here it is...what a difference..

 Question...Do you think this can be gifted to a child???
  Or is it a bit too harsh.?
I am not sure....I just do not like the Anna Marie jelly roll here...

Next, the Disappearing 9 patch in lovely 30's fabric.
I want the final border here red, but I do not want to buy anything.
Grumble...every year the fabric tint is just different
This makes my collection of 50 years so amazing.
I knew I should not use my fabric..That is why my red 30's is gone!!!
Fabric is a collection to gaze upon and love!!

Do you think either of these would work..or do I have to keep the 30's fabric...?
The tint is off...but really...who cares??
Many fine quilts have fabric of mixed years and tints.
Why I care about this one, I do not know..
I do like the daisys...
Maybe I have  nothing else to worry about tonight....LOL

In the last few hours 4 Ibuprofen..kicked in and my pain is under control..
Wahoooooo!  Funny how the Hydrocodone did not  help me here with the muscle spasms.
I am good to go.
Thank goodness, as our group is off to Foust and lunch tomorrow!
Those of us with good hair days, that is...
Last night's post was not for compliments.  
It was a grief thing. 
 That with grief sometimes there is cognitive the sorrow comes roaring.
With me, when I feel friendless and alone...It is because of my dear man no longer being here.
Although I have many friends...including all of you.
Not one can fix my loneliness for my man
The morning light usually brings perspective.
I sooo  thank you all for reading my blah blah.
It helps me so much.
Good news again today with my son...
Another wonderful visit with his kids and his mother.
God is blessing us.


Mystic Quilter said...

Diane I am so happy that your son's visit was, once again, a good one. Long may these more settled visits continue! Dealing with constant pain is one of the most draining and debilitating things to cope with, thank goodness for medications - and fabric of course! I hope your lunch with friends goes well - have a happy day.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I always love seeing whats happening on your design wall. Mix up the reds, it doesn't all have to be 30's. Have a fun lunch with your friends.

Karaquilts said...

Your post today reminds me of the wisdom of my grandson ~ ~ a few years ago, when I was wrestling with my purples ~ ~ separating the blue-purples and the red-purples and fussing about them, he sagely advised: just mix them up, when you look at the grass on the yard it's all shades and hues of green. Just mix up the tones and hues for a richer look. So I shall pass his counsel on to you about your reds. Mix them up. You might like it better. And I do think the quilt might make a child very happy ~ ~ lots to look at and discover (the white definitely helped it out!)

I love the happy visit with your children and their daddy. Glad to hear from you today.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I agree with the others - mix up those reds, just use what you have! Hope you enjoyed the outing with friends. Cognitive distortion - what a fog - but, sounds like today was more clear all around... oh and I think a child would like that first quilt - why not??

catspec said...

I have one of those supervisors too....beautiful kitty! :) Your work is, as usual, lovely!

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

The quilt is looking really good now and I agree with the other posters, shades of red will add interest. I love 30's fabrics and the quilts of that decade. So pleased the family visit went well.