Friday, February 3, 2017

That Tired Kind of Day

Caroline's Doll Quilt.
It kind of matches her own....

Today was the day:
That I had chocolate ice cream for breakfast, Jimmies and all.
That I had my finger bandage taken off.
That I slept and cried all day because my meds are off and my body and soul hurts.

My friends will not baste my quilts for me any more.
They know I hurt all over.
But, they do not know the comfort of having a stacked pile of quilts all basted and ready to go.
Because there are 342 already in the irrelevant.
That I have to buy more pins at our Foust trip on Monday is irrelevant.
Guess I will have to just find somewhere to hang the tops..
My future looks grim.

Seven Spanish Angels
Blue eyes crying in the rain

Image may contain: text
Knowing it is the grieving hour, I looked for peace before hysterics and bed.
Nancy came a visiting yesterday...Nice Nancy!
Of course Evan saw it first, lurking in the shadows
All of a sudden, I see him handing out M&Ms to his friends...OMG
We all know that value does the work and color gets the credit.
I see that neither of these work.
I am prone to the orange in another fabric.
Then. maybe it should be turquoise.
The pattern is "jellybeans" I do not like it.
Happy is:
My darlings watching doing movie night.
I made a mistake by having a few vino tinto tonight in my despair.
Now my back spasms are at it and I do not dare take the Hydrocodone.
Even at my old age now, I keep having to learn the hard way!!!!


Cjsmimi said...

Thank you for our visit. You and your quilting are amazing! You have been in my thoughts and prayers since we met. Even though you may not feel it, you are an angel and inspiration to many, including me! Hope we can meet-up again for quilting talk, lunch and maybe some red vino sometime soon. :-)

Bridget said...

Well, heck, sorry last night was a sorrowful one, but isn't it like you to find some positive just at the last minute?

Sorry I haven't commented. Had the phone which doesn't like me to comment, for some reason.

Hope your poor finger is better. I've had the needle hit the nail, but not go in. So you win that prize.

You have been busy quiltmaking and so have I. One of these days I'll make a blog post. All I can say is Elizabeth Hartman.

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Sorry to hear of your struggles. Sometimes crying is the only thing. Cute doll quilt for sure and cute scene with little ones stretched out watching a movie. As for your basting dilemma, I've heard that long arm quilters will baste quilts - maybe that is something to check out?