Monday, February 20, 2017

For the Love of......

For the love of Rhonda...
Just loving to make her block.
For the love of patchwork and quilting addiction.
Aunt Geraldine vowed to the world that she would never ever be a patchwork quilter..
She is hand patching in her own way...TBTG
So glad that the quilt police have long retired...
My visitors have moved on to Florida.
Leaving me so grateful that my dear man's family still is here for us.
Thank you Declan for doing work around here....Thank you so much.
Thank you both for the visit...I cannot believe that you left the French Alps
Drove to Geneva, flew to Stockholm, then to NYC and down to Charlotte to visit us.
Love for sure.
For the love of visitation day....My son was in awesome shape..
.Everyone had a delightful time at the park, in the sun with the picnic...
Enjoying each other.
My son is no longer homeless.
Just for today, he has a place to stay,  a job, a sponsor and a program.
For the love of Carolina Blue..and Grandma having an attitude adjustment...
Just for today.
Ironing her scraps on the porch..
For the love of Ellen and her collections and sales.
For her love of us...
My newest acquisition
Feedsack quilt top in excellent condition..
I love it so.

For the love of good friends...
Thank you MP for taking us all out to eat.

For the love of animals.
My sister took her 19 year old cat to be put down.
He had been hiding and in pain
Waiting for the vet, dear Tiger died in her arms.

For the love of kindness and encouragement..
and, of course self - discipline...ouch...a huge deficit of mine.
Today, I accomplished a bit.
I read a daily reading, sewed a bit for others, ate healthy and...
Had an attitude adjustment....Oh, Lordy!!!!
Amn't I a good Grandma!


ES said...

Lovely family photo:) I'm glad your son is doing well at the moment:) x

Cjsmimi said...

I love reading about your attitude adjustment...of course, you are loved and deserving of all the good things you mention! I wish I had a screened porch to iron scraps in, you lucky thing. Sending continued good vibes and prayers to you in the days ahead. Keep Nancy and I in mind to reach out to for anything at all...even a big hug! Muah!

Mary said...

What a beautiful setting in which to do your pressing. What a great gratitude post.

Karaquilts said...

What a bright start to my day! I love the sweet little fox face block ~ ~ so fun and clever. and all the wonders you shared through the post. I will treasure the family photo and your son's moments of victory. and pray for many more. So glad you could have such a valuable visit from family. You are a loved and treasured member of your community! Thank you for sharing.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Go team Diane and enjoy.