Saturday, April 29, 2017

Auditioning Choices

Such a great way to decide
Looking at value
Looking at color
Discarding the wrong bottom right is wrong hue.
Maybe blue is the best choice.
That takes off the red choices
Process of elimination
What brings out the flash in the quilt?
Will the border overpower the vintage-ness of the top?
Guess the blue flowers will not overpower as I had thought.
A three inch border...hmmm
Of course this means rotary cutting.
I had better be safe and put the top away with the chosen fabric for later.
Already I have had to up my Tylenol....due to my excitement last night
When I was all bragging about how high I could reach when I had been told not to.
Jeeze Louize..
Cannot keep this grandma down where she belongs...always pushing the limits.
I wanted to finish this....Here we go patience..
Medications helped me with huge morning nap.
Now out to the sun with a book.
A vacation day....all alone.

What is the name of the pattern?


ES said...

Enjoy your book and the quiet time!

Cjsmimi said...

Thank you for "talking through" the choosing of a border color/print. It usually befuddles me. Your choice works well. I might never have chosen it, sadly. I am trying to learn more about color/fabric choices. Reading your blog, I learn and I connect with you and your life. :-)