Sunday, April 9, 2017

The O'Quilts' Update

First up...the naughty behavior of Stitch O'Quilts!!!!
New Parsley plant is not to eat!! Neither is the Basil!!
 Pretending it was not you????
 Who went into the laundry room, up onto a shelf and took the duster.
Who then, brought it thru the cat door into the living room to mess??
Just when I am trying to present a somewhat normal home for tomorrow's quilters.

Then....there was Lynsey..who called her grandma a very naughty word when she was mad.
Soooo naughty...
.Off she went into the laundry room for time out where she continued to rant.
Finally, a humble 8 year old emerged with an apology.
Payback time...I told the boys that Lynsey would now do all their morning chores...
Here she is getting the towels out of the dryer, folding them and putting them away.

The good stuff..
Marie's birthday party.
 Marie is from London...I made her a plastic bag holder from UK fabric.
 The best is for last...Drenna and Sherry fix my ice maker and shelving.
Can you believe it???
I ordered the part..Sherry brought her tools and she and Drenna took off the 
door of the freezer, took out the food...and fixed it...OMG
Amn't I lucky to have such awesome friends!!!!!
Gotta prepare for a Queen Bee sit and sew tomorrow am.
A one arm cleaning job...Oh, well...better than nothing.
I hope no one will mind the clutter.


Cotton Farmer said...

Oh, wow! Naughty Stitch! Can you put a cat in time out? Good for Lynsey for adjusting her attitude. She is a good girl. And YAY for skilled, clever, and willing friends! Enjoy your quilt day (today?). Today I will try to clean house on my good leg. It's a struggle to have limitations!
Can't wait to see what you all accomplish at your sewing day!

Karaquilts said...

So it was a day in the life ~ ~ ~ !!! and what a day! Challenges all the way around. It sounds like you need a good day of quilting with friends ~ ~ and what a treat to have them share your space and home. I am sure the clutter only really bothers you ~ ~ I tell myself that the only one who ever notices that the lines of stitching are not straight is the one who put the stitches in the quilt. Isn't that the way of a cluttery house as well? it only bothers the one who doesn't know what else to do with all that stuff? or have the oomph to deal with it right now.

When our dog wants more attention than she's getting, she gets into all sorts of things ~ ~ the garbage, the shelves, upon the desk, or dragging a pillow off the bed. Stinkery little critters they can be sometimes, and other times so sweet. Sort of like children ~ ~ ~ or maybe even grown-ups :):)

Enjoy your day. Thinking of you.

Sharon said...

My silly cat loved the duster too, and it wasn't even feathered! They can be little pistols, can't they?

Sounds like Lynsey had a lesson to learn. It can be hard to be 8.

So glad you had friends that could fix your appliance! How sweet of them!

Hope you enjoyed your quilting is needed "you" time. Life seems to go a little better after spending time with friends. I didn't get my time this week - too much to do! :(

Happy Easter!

ES said...

How are you today? X