Friday, April 28, 2017

The Forgotten Celebration......Life

Look at this!!!!
  In just in a few days, I am able to put this top on the design wall at least 6 inches higher.
..with NO pain.
Of course, I am not suppose to do this...Only passively should I lift this arm..but..
How excited am I!!!  Five days until my ortho appt.
I am hoping to go back to the pool.

This top is a rescue ....hand pieced blocks from an estate sale.
I think I might not rescue anymore  ...I have so many of my own things to sew.
Today, I was able to physically to sew them together..
And, to think I spent time today whining about my painful hip.
Forgetting the positive...
Will I ever learn???
You see, today my widow's group met at Charlotte's Whitewater Center
for  lunch.
Friends went kayaking and walking
Although we all had a great time, I got jealous.
I do not know what got into me....But the pain in my hip would not let me walk or...blah blah.
I lost track of my gratitude.
I am ashamed of myself as all my friends  helped me and drove and were awesome.
I got all self-absorbed...ugh

I have been thinking about my dear man and his 22 month struggle with ALS.
It killed him and it almost  killed  me.
I survived losing him because of his strength, not mine.

He told me never to put my head where I had no control.
He told me to always keep my head in today.

We all know this...but coming from a strong man now wasted in the bed with ALS.
It takes on an amazing vibe
.  I thought that I would never forget his strength...and yet for a bit today I did.
I am trying to get stronger. Pain gets in my way.
He helped me.  These two blogs are helping me too.
Maybe some day I will be strong enough to advocate for ALS
Beth Hebron
Speed 4 Sarah


Karaquilts said...

Pain is such a thief. It steals our choices and our state of mind and our energy. But you are an advocate and a fellow traveler. You remind all of us about the choices we can still make and the things we can still do ~ ~ in spite of our pain (emotional or physical). I really like this rescue quilt ~ ~ it feels so cheerful and upbeat. It's amazing to think we can enjoy something so much that was created by an unknown seamstress struggling through her own pain (?) to make something beautiful today. I like your man. I like the way he has taught you to think. I will try to stay in today. Thank you.

http://thankfullga447 said...

I cannot kayak I get dizzy but it good that you socialized. I love the quilt squares from the estate. Your DH had such wise words. Have a good day you have been very very busy.