Thursday, April 27, 2017

The European Family Quilting Connection

Cousin Ann came and Cousin Ann went.
She brought a piece of my man with her...and then she took him back.
We had a great time at Mary Jo's and at Sew Much Fun.
Laughs at Olive Garden...and just a wonderful time.
Off she has gone now to California to run 21 miles in a marathon???
I was hoping it was to different quilting stores...but my guess it is thru the streets of Monterrey.
Cousin Ann is our Muldoon quilting connection in London!
Then there is our Aunt Geraldine...our Muldoon quilting connection in the French Alps.
Here we have her bed quilt all hand done with tiny buttons to secure the lot.
Lovely Geraldine.
With asthmatic bronchitis upon my plate...I am struggling, once again, to see the light.
OF COURSE that would be translated into new fabric.
On our Tuesday travels, I just had to have a piece or two of Tula Pink's
new kitty cat line:
In deference to my slowly healing shoulder and the patience not to use the rotary cutter,
I splurged on a few of the lovely precut charm packs.
 Impulse shopping clears the well...always...
As we all know, fabric shopping is exhausting...
so, I treated myself and my bronchitis and joints to a nice
sleep- in after the buses , a lunch out, a nap..
Then came the work of back and forth emails with 3 different teachers for the 6th grader's classes...Out of the blue he is failing 2 classes.
Old Grandma is on it.!!
The children here are in top notch schools with top notch teachers to help out.
I am taking him in at 7 am for tutoring...then 7:15 bus for the other two.
Then ...guess what???
A NAP for Grandma...shoulder has me back sleeping in the recliner..
It is all OK!
No one, just no one could believe how happy new fabric can make a person.


ES said...

The Tula Pink cats looks gorgeous, and I personally love charm packs, sometimes we just need to sew and we don't want to think about cutting!

Karaquilts said...

Ut, oh. I think those charm packs are contagious. I feel them calling to me ~ ~ and they're getting louder and closer ~ ~

Yea for Cousin Ann and her good cheer. and for recliners. Keep keeping on. This too will end and your shoulder will be rotarying away ~ ~

And keep on those kiddos. It's always a test to see if you're really watching. You are!!! good for you and them.

Mystic Quilter said...

Well of course you needed to save stress on your shoulder by buying the precuts!! I keep on looking at the Tabby Road fabrics but have been very strong minded and not pulled out the cash - perhaps I should.