Sunday, April 23, 2017

The O'Quilts clan carries on

Shoulder surgery....4 weeks to cure...NO
7 weeks to cure...NO
Every online link says 6 MONTHS to cure.
Where have I been????
Under a rock, I guess.
This comes as a shock to the impatient one.
 Today's progress... vintage blocks., rows sewn.
First time to sew this size blocks since surgery.
My left arm could not put them on the design here they stay.
Half way up!!  It is better than not sewing at all.!!
I found that these hand pieced blocks are the dickens to put together.
It will be hard to quilt with one arm....Maybe I will have to cough up the $$
for the very fine Mary Jerz at Seamless Expressions for long arm help.
I do not know...I have so many quilt tops to quilt little little energy little money
...and with one arm.
 A big thanks to Mary Jerz for the quilting...for Mary Coop and Kay Herald for the binding.
My now X DIL's wedding quilt done...but the grateful.

I just have to share...
My in room number two. Two rooms of mess.
Way to go Mrs. O'Quilts.
At least I can piece now, if not to quilt.

My daughter has just left the French Alps.(without the parrot)
Evidently the Muldoon Alps connection is very fond of red wine as well...
Em has gone to Belgium and Dublin and now is walking the fields in County Cork.
Amazing life she has.

Tomorrow starts a new quilting group...the SSSSSS group.
It is an extension of our Wed nte group..but at Sherry's house.
LOL...last Monday morning of the month for 3 hours and out to lunch.
So excited..Then....
A wonderful few days set  up now for cousin Ann.
Looking forward to another lovely sleep tonight with windows open
listening to the rain...sigh.
Life is good.


ES said...

It's lovely that you made a wedding quilt :) I've got one last day of school holidays, then we've got to get back into our school morning routine again! (I hate mornings!). This evening I have trimmed up a quilt, next job is to attach the binding, then wash it. I had a box of fabric delivered from connecting threads today, it's free delivery even to Australia! Wooh! I didn't need any fabric, but they have a fab clearance section that I just love, I'd like to make some pillow cases, but I'm trying to keep on track with a few projects already started! Look after that shoulder x

Karaquilts said...

I love your pictorial accounts!! I'll respond to two posts in one comment since I've been awol from my computer for a few days. Trying to finish some quilts before my CA trip to my daughter's wedding ~ ~ and my Augusta trip to attend all of the end of school-year events (recitals, orchestra, track regionals, etc, piano competitions, more etcs) ~ ~ and the rain is a wonderful accompaniment to the whirr of the sewing machine :)

The picture of the cousins at the wedding was amazing. They could be sisters! I hope they are good friends, because I have learned that sometimes a cousin can be more dear than a sibling! and you have Cousin Ann ~ ~

Sew what you can and the rest will wait ~ ~

And your Em's adventures!!! I hope she's keeping a journal of some sort ~ ~ what great memories they are making and how world wise and knowledgeable she will continue to become! and you get to visit and see and hear vicariously without having to give up your own bed ~ ~

Enjoy your week and your fun little grans.

Big hugs!

Mystic Quilter said...

I am told that "patience is a virtue" I think we all could use patience at some time in our lives! Just take it easy with the shoulder, no set backs needed! Your girl certainly gets around the world, sounds to be having a wonderful time, the French Alps would have been a lovely trip. Now, your new quilting groups sounds a great idea having a lunch out at the end of your meet up, hope you all have a great time quilting and enjoy the visit from your cousin.