Sunday, April 2, 2017

So Excited

I can make potholders!!!
I can sleep in my own bed and not the recliner!!
I am  doing well in my shoulder recovery!!
When one has not been able to sew for FIVE weeks,
Sewing is unbelievably awesome.

 I am sewing random scraps together to make coasters.

 My siblings and I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.
My sister just gave me this fabric...

Today we had a great visitation with my son in the park!!
Sooooo Grateful!!
He spends every second he is with his children playing with them.
He plays, "Big Bad Wolf" like his daddy used to play with him.
They played a water squirt game.
They ran and climbed the mountain..
He is still working, He bought them all pizza.

I am able now to prepare patchwork for my Easter retreat with friends.
We are going to Cheraw State Park in South Carolina.
A cabin on the lake with our sewing machines in tow.

Now, about my girl..
Just so you know....I did the best in raising her....Hello!!!
She told me that she has signed up to do yoga with goats in a barn.
She said that she has signed up for a wine tasting in a barn with goats.
Really, I did the best I could...OMG

And so today is the day for very good news....
on...a stunning day with Carolina blue skies.


ES said...

I'm happy that your son is doing well. I love your pot holders:) I'm still trying to get my Easter quilt together. I've got a cold today, I really hope it will go away after a good nights sleep!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Diane, it was so good to read your post yesterday and thanks for sharing the sun. Hope the grandchildren had a wonderful time with their mother. What a pleasure to read today the news of your son - long may this continue, for everyone! Your coasters are looking good, ideas for Christmas I think, and I have a wonderful picture in my mind now of goats doing yoga and having a glass of wine.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Amazing pot holders, such gorgeous colours. The park sounds wonderful. Your retreat sounds like fun, dare I say more fun than goat therapy!

smazoochie said...

Mrs. O'Q! Yay!!! You can sew again! And pain-free, I hope.
Such good news about your son. This is a brave thing he is doing.
And yoga with goats! Well, of course.

Joye with an e said...

Mrs O'Quilts,
I am so glad your recovery is going well. When you are at your retreat, you'll be very close to where I live--I am only about 13 miles from the state park. Since I have lived back here in my home town (4.5 years now) I haven't come across many quilters, so the thought of a cabin full of quilters close by is so energizing. Have a wonderful time.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I am laughing and loving all of this. Good for everyone especially the goats!

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Nothing better than a nice visit with a child - and, congratulations on being back at your machine - five weeks is a long time without!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Happy pain free sewing!! I always like hearing good news about your son. How funny to think of your daughter doing yoga with goats in a barn!!

Cotton Farmer said...

Such a happy post. I was reading this the other day when I lost my internet. Just got it back. Yay!! So happy your son is doing so well! I know the kids enjoyed him! And so happy and inspired to see your quilting!! Also, I really love your cactus print fabric! Hoping you continue to do well.

Cjsmimi said...

I am smiling right now after reading all your wonderful news! Thanks for sharing this good, good stuff!