Thursday, August 10, 2017

Grandma O'Quilts is a cry baby....

Found this on Pat Sloan's blogpost..Finally..
I saw it years ago...and wanted a copy for myself.
I love it sooooo much
Too bad I get car sick!!!
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Two weeks and four days since my complete  hip replacement.
Oh, Lordy....Ouch...I cried to get up and I cried to walk.
I took Hydrocodone which made me cry some more.
I knew I was dying and that it had all been a mistake.
I slept downstairs in my recliner in the dark, imagining the worst.
And sun peaked from behind the clouds and...
I saw the light!!!

When I would wake in the middle of the night, I did my Craftsy classes. When sewing for others...  sometimes I  just make the same kind of quilts.
The Craftsy class of  Sarah Fielke  is quite interesting.  New techniques that I will try...looking forward to it...with my new life!!!!
During the past few years, when classes go on$15..I have bought about 10 classes. that I have never used. During this time, it was great to have them all ready to read.  
Some I read right through..prepping my brain for a new adventure..
If I have to be honest, most of the time I was in a very dark place of pain and grief.I have been tested for sure on my patience at least.

.I am not saying that I am perfect now, I have great discomfort walking...but no more screaming in pain..Wahoo...
I was finally able to host quilting last night.They turned all the hand warmers for the teachers for winter.I just have to fill them  now with rice.
December first, I like to give a holiday basket with these handwarmers.
School staff put them by the microwave to keep their hands warm at bus duty.
Thank you friends.
 And...they helped me thread the elastic through the potluck covers.

I bought this bobbin threader on Amazon.
Now the smaller grands can make bobbins for me when Evan is busy.
I know my heart will miss my daughter when she leaves on Sunday.
I am so grateful she came.
And, I am so grateful for all the comments and emails from you all, 
my blogging friends...encouraging me on.
I am so relieved!!!!

ps If you sent me a comment or email that I did not respond to
please forgive me...brain was gone for awhile.


Mystic Quilter said...

Hi Diane - so good to read that you're slowly feeling a little better. You've had a rough time and need even more time to recover, treats are good! You now have me thinking I might just pop over to Craftsy and have a look at the Sarah Fielke class. Hopefully Emily will be back to visit when she's able, look forward to the next time.

ES said...

The craftsy classes sounded like the perfect distraction! Isn't great that you had stocked up on them:) I am waiting for some leggings to arrive from eBay so I can put together a costume for my daughter for book week!! I will need to sew or glue some butterfly wings!!

Cjsmimi said...

Hello, hello! (Had an English friend years ago with the license plate LOLOLO) good to hear some words from you. I look for you every day before I work on my "gratitudes". You see, a dear friend, (from my past life in Richmond) and I e-mail each other each morning with at least 3 things that we are grateful for. This exercise has really helped me look for the good (and there is much) in my life. So, hearing from you is one of my "gratitudes" for today! Put on that pretty smile of're so much stronger than you even know...

Karaquilts said...

Hurrah for you and for the passage of time! I'm so happy to hear you had a houseful last night and accomplished so many completions ~ ~ with more to do's for your list now! I can't wait to see what you are able to do and enjoy in another two weeks :)

I think I might need to do a Craftsy class or two myself. I just reviewed a Rose Hughes Class I want to take, but I'll be gone too many Fridays to benefit just yet. Maybe next time.

Sooooo very glad you are doing better ~ ~ wish it was by leaps and bounds, but am thankful for the better by the inch if it just gets you feeling better at all! Hugs :)

http://thankfullga447 said...

I am so glad you blogged, you are brave and time will heal. Love all the projects. You don't have to respond take a nap today.