Sunday, August 13, 2017

Those Pesky Shades of Grey

Off to Portland!!!!
My daughter and her man just left.
Sad and happy...all at the same time.
Tomorrow night, she will be playing her tin whistle at an Irish session in Portland.
 This evenings work cut out for me.
Sewing closed my charm pack hand warmers.
 I had used a funnel last time. One half cup of rice is perfect IMHO
This time I made a cornucopia from paper.  It was much more flexible and faster.
My grandmother taught me how to do this for cookie frosting..
 My friend Muggs goes everywhere.
This time she went to Manila...lucky me got a lovely bag..
 Nancy...Look here....another use for one of your baskets.
Brian hooked it on with wire and I am all set for my recovery alone.
I am one proud owner of Nancy's baskets.
Remember more baskets to Goodwill!!!!
And, so it goes...tears are dried, life goes on and bit by bit I am walking better.
Only because I am uplifted by friends, like you all..!!

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Cjsmimi said...

Love the basket for your walker...I did something similar when I was using one. Yours looks much more stylist than mine was but it still did the job! Maybe we could devise a QUILTED one with Velcro fasteners!!! ;-) What do you think? Also, your hand warmers are so thoughtful. Take care of you and keep healing...