Friday, August 18, 2017

Random Acts of Crazy

Oh, the treats that keep me going.
Two Kaffe charm packs..light and dark.
 Anna Marie Horner at her best
 Two different colorways.
I never liked pre-cuts..but my old age and recovering status.
I gravitate toward them.. I am most comfortable standing while cutting..and I cannot do that well yet.

Great news.. I went to the doctor for three week check up..
Three weeks...seems like three freaking years!!!!
.I am on track..I should keep walking.with my walker.
Prognosis...continued improvement...operation...a success story..
Trying to believe it........ as progress is pitifully slow.

My new Chinese clip on holders...  that hold nothing....seem perfectly suited to the
Vintage Cape Cod sea glass that my mother collected 64 years ago.
When she gave them to me, she said that they were very very expensive.
Not so says the estate planner ...not so fast..
What is desired today, not desired tomorrow.
So I am using them.
 Little snap ons?

The random....

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I just saw the Tina Fey segment on "sheetcaking" on Huffington post.!
 A brand new word in my vocabulary..
When life is tough, you go to the grocery store and buy a sheet cake and eat it.
Ha ha ha ha

Ok Ok Ok...I cannot I cannot do it tonight.
Thank you though, Tina for giving me glorious permission.
I do have a small Oreo stash!!!

My son just called me from a bridge underpass...
He told me not to worry so much about him.
He said that he is resilient, street smart and capable.
We are setting up a visitation at a park next week so his children can see him.

Meantime, my friends sustain. me...In spite of my tears and my impatience...they come to me with my me places and bring me food and books.
Muggs even does last minute school shopping for me and organizes our world.

My love is a bluebird...flying by to bring the cheer.
I want him to stay.

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Cjsmimi said...

Checking in on you...and happily, so much for you to say. Look at your progress, day by day. Every day that we can rise, smell the flowers, feel the sunshine on our shoulders, taste dark chocolate (oops, couldn't resist) and care for ourselves and a GOOD DAY! Your son tugs at my heartstrings and I don't even know him. As a mother, I can identify and understand your anguish. He has fathered beautiful children and he will shake it someday, I just feel it...praying for it. Hugs, friend.