Friday, August 11, 2017

Mama Said.....

 Tonight's healing just might be in sewing together into four patches,
 these random batik squares I just found..
Also I found in this magazine some links to look at.
I keep thinking I will subscribe to this magazine, but I never do.

My mother said to me that I would be alright.
When my love was diagnosed with ALS she told me that
she would not be here for me, but that I would have to look deep down into 
the core of who I was, whether or not I called it God...and I would be ok.
Of course she did NOT say it would be easy!!
I am trying to heed her words.

O'Quilt family news:

My XDIL is pregnant.
My son called distraught that he cannot find help to get clean from Heroin.
My sister said he is not ready yet.
My physical pain is mostly under control now. At least I am off narcotics.
My widow friend Tim, killed himself.
Mr O'Quilts never came back.

Friends brought me lunch today.
I was able to put a frozen pizza in the oven myself tonight.
All wobbly like, taking chances, but I did it.
I burned it, but I did it.
I carried it all funny and lopsided  while walking with my walker.....
My saintly daughter and her man leave on Sunday.
They have been here 3 weeks caring for me. I am grateful
I have not left my house in 3 weeks, the walls are falling in.
But I still have my sewing!!!!


ES said...

Sending you love x

Cjsmimi said...

All of these trials seem like so much to me but you are amazingly strong, dear friend. Be patient and keep healing.
Please share your son's name as I will include him in my daily prayer for healing. He wants his life back and that is positive. Praying for him...
Keep sewing...;-)

Karaquilts said...

Sew and prayer. Good combination ~ ~ sometimes it's sew and pray and cry ~ ~ not necessarily a bad combination ~ ~ stroking fabric is always good for the soul!!! It is not easy to be strong. Essential. not easy or fun. You can do it. You are doing it.

Sew on and on.