Monday, August 14, 2017


Taking charge of my own moods, I have turned off the news.
Taking charge of my own fancies...look what came today....just in time!!
 Being ill and alone is not for sissies...
For me, being a horrible feels worse..
My sister arrived with a milkshake and a sandwich.
 I ordered these cup holders online.
They hold soda cans, no water bottles...nothing
.Good job Mrs. O'Quilts.
When I am off my walker, I hope to find some plastic cups to put inside....
then...who knows..attaching to my sewing table for random items.
Picking out some fabric for zippy purses for sit and sews..
When I can stand by myself, I will be able to cut..

Tomorrow should be a better day, Stephanie and the kiddos should be back in the afternoon.
I am practicing courage...with myself..ha!!
I found this interesting link on TED.

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Mystic Quilter said...

Pleased to see your book has arrived, mine too - I love it, so full of colour and the green of Ireland!