Monday, August 21, 2017

When the Egg Cracks

The egg has finally cracked from stress!!!!!
I so need this!!!!!
Superwoman with a machine!!!
In great desperation, from my heck of a day,
I crumbled the rest of my mint Oreos into my chocolate ice cream and ate right from the carton.
Even I know how bad that is.

What cheered me today?  Beside the cool eclipse and the nice glasses that Ms Katie gave us??
This picture of Art...
See, his mommy woke up one morning 6 weeks early with broken water...hmmm
Guess who shortly arrived??
  It was Art. Art turned two years old this week.
His mom said that they  had nothing ready, but the quilt I had made for him.
Man, did that make me feel good!!!
News from my daughter's weekend climb in the mountains of Washington State.
A mountain goat..
 I love my Emily and her brave self!!!!  xoxox
Taking things into my own hands, from a sitting position, I now have cut pieces for 32
Coin purses
 Lynsey's new fall Halloween skirt...ok, maybe Thanksgiving too.
Last year she threw an awful fit that her cousin Olivia had a Thanksgiving turkey outfit
Clearly I had not even thought of Lynsey as she did not have one...OMG
I am so ready now...It is August..hmmm
And, then my heart...with broken egg all over it.
Tonight my son was at the bus stop for visitation..all homeless dirty, hungry and smelly
Stephanie bought socks and a fresh outfit at Walmart and brought him home for a shower.
He cut his hair..and did the shower..
On the outside he looked so good.
I am big on denial..
We all went to a nice dinner...very nice.
Even me with my walker...and pain
Dylan loves Daddy so much. They all do.
Break my heart!

Once the kids were in bed..reality came back as my son shared his desperation for recovery.
He said that he just cannot do it without medical detox...he has anxiety and is frightened.
He said he is so tired of all this Heroin and living on the street.
Then he said, once again..that he had 6 rotten teeth..Two could be pulled but the other four had broken off at the roots and needed surgery.
No money for detox,
No money for dentist..

This mother's heart feels like the moon is hiding the sun forever.
We did the best we could tonight.
We all went out to dinner and loved each other.
This life of so hard sometimes...

Moon Shadow.....thank you Ellen!!!


MariQuilts said...

I'm so sorry....things are so hard for you and your family. Thinking of you.

Cjsmimi said...

Love the pictures. Life seems so hard sometimes. Cat Stevens singing Moon Shadow is a multi-sensory treat, but his lyrics touch the broken heart...XO

Karaquilts said...

You collect such lovely photos to share with us! And always a song to cry along with ~ ~ crying is NOT a bad thing, you know. It's when you run out of tears that you should be concerned. I am so glad Emily keeps you apprised of all her adventures and that she is busy having them while she is young and healthy and unfettered! I love seeing her travels.

And I pray for Eamon and you and the children ~ ~ they have such energy and zest for life. Let the music, the friends, the beautiful photos, the textured fabric ~ ~ and the chocolate ease your heart today.

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

Catching up on your posts slowly, please take extra care as stress will delay your recovery. Positive memories for your grands and their dad are important. I wish there was more than hugs I could send.
Hugs anyway.