Tuesday, August 15, 2017

News from O'Drama Queen

I did not die from 4 surgeries in one year.
I did not die from four some years of desperate grief.
The earth did not shatter.
The sun actually came up this morning,
Evidently, the world does not revolve around me.
I am getting better and I ironed and cut..some fabric tonight.

News here from Boo...my quilting king and office manager.
 When Boo hears the printer, he knows that I am printing out a quilting pattern...
So, he quickly runs to get the paper..He bites it..all of it from the quilting room and runs with it all over the house, depositing it all at the foot of my recliner where I have been sleeping.
Then, since I am not allowed to bend from the waist to pick anything up...I have to get my gripper and put the papers on my walker..
Ummm...I would say...Thank you Boo...but the edges are chewed!!!!

 The tale of the grey and white polka dots..
I got this yardage from Barbara's estate sale as well as these charms.
She saved it all forever.
I was tempted to carry it all to my grave as well...but...
Be proud of me...Tonight I ironed  it and cut it all up.
I just might be getting wise.
All is  good here..for now...nice to be able to post positively.
Of course, for this grandma who owns the equivalent of  two quilt shops in her  house,
she uses any excuse to buy more fabric.
I mean today it was because I was getting better and wanted to celebrate!!!!
QuiltHome.com has 25% off bundles..eg Kaffe and Annamarie..fat quarters
I hear my man talking...his spirit all around.
I  just know he is saying...go for  it darling...you so deserve it.


myrtovl said...

Your post gives me courage Diane to overcome a lot of difficulties i'm going through this period, hope to be able to survive... I have also the equivalent of at least one fabric shop in my house and always afraid to cut on my precious ones...

Cjsmimi said...

YAY! Thanks for sharing your progress and...positivity. We can all use a little more of it. Happy Wednesday, friend. (Boo is a little beauty!)

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh good for you!!!