Monday, September 11, 2017

Hello Irma, Goodbye Irma

Gotta show a little love with all the scary stuff in the world:
Stitch captures smiles..with his delightful...flower pen fun!

Here we are in Irma...only a wind and rain storm now...but...trees down all around and we live in the woods.  Any occasion for a sleep night!!
  Even Zoe is excited on her sleeping pad.
 This is the real deal..without the flash.  Irma should be gone tomorrow by noon and...
School is on a 2 hours delay..
.Grandma, Stitch and Boo  will be sleeping in the recliner, snoring and supervising!!

No sewing tonight...maybe some ironing the bag holder fabric.
 I see that Montana is dissolving in flames, Oregon's beauty is in ashes, Houston has been forgotten as they float away, not a bit of news anymore about my Miami, not even the rest of Florida...or the Caribbean .Mexico's earthquake...Fickle news...reminding me of sickness and death...a note is enough at the time and long forgotten are the survivors and the dead...I remember when I volunteered for the Red Cross emergency team.  They were all about the local tragedies when there was a national big one...never mind plural....The money was depleted from local coffers..never enough to go around.

My girl is in Singapore while her man works there.  Can you believe she is remotely working my computer to save my photos to Prime...I have a picture of her on Facetime with me..doing it...I yearn to share the picture. But I do not dare...She looks poorly upon pictures of her on my blog....It is an amazing photo of our new world...can you imagine, my girl in a hotel, overlooking the South China sea and the Singapore river..talking to me and fixing remotely my computer....If only Grandma could see us now.

Trying to figure out how I can do small things with great love./.
Guess the holiday sewing will have to do..and snuggling and caring for my grands..
We are lucky to be in Charlotte this time. And lucky to be having fun on our sleepover..

Then of course, there is crazy me trying to be prepared for all kinds of weather things.  I ordered online little LED flashlights. They came today....all without batteries..
.Jeeze Louize..
And my hurricane radio...due in next week...crazy old Grandma O'Quilts!!

At least I can drive now...Wahoo....


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh great news about the driving Diane! The kids all look nice and cosy and I hope you were too - and did actually manage to sleep. Hope that by the time you see this Irma will have gone by your place, hope you didn't lose electricity or have any downed trees at your place.

Michele Bilyeu said...

You are doing exactly what you were meant to do Diane in small ways and in big. When you're out of batteries or your batteries are run dry or the compartment is empty you let us know. You share it with us and we understand because it's how we feel too. It is sad..the flashlights and we try a d try and still things go awry. But look at what you've created here...these beautiful little nests with these beautiful and precious little hearts all feeling snug and loved and safe. Oh how they all love you so..and so do we all♥️♥️♥️

smazoochie said...

I'm so relieved that Irma was just adventure at your house, no damage, just a bit of worry.
And some new emergency gear!