Friday, September 15, 2017

Just Plain Stuff

You go Lynsey...You are Grandma's  doll...strong wimp here..!!!
You know you can be pretty on the inside and outside.
Still be a leader..
Lynsey was just accepted by lottery to Girls on the Run!!!!

Just sayin'...The kids found the candy corn...
Today was my first day at the pool in 9 months...
I can I drove and drove and went to the grocery store for the first time in 2 months.
There was Edy's ice cream one...get one free..
So without  my candy corn...I was so pressured in the ice cream department.

Let me just say that eating salad and drinking water did not save my dear man.
My mother's doctor gave her a prescription for chocolate ice cream for her Parkinson's
And let me just say that Expresso Chip is outstanding..
So, there all you thin.... your life!!!

From the very, very expensive Singapore comes fabric at $30 a yard.  hmmmm

My girl enjoying her life...Singapore, the town..

Be proud of me my pain, but walking around anyway!!
Cutting fabric for the grocery bags..(Lynsey's holiday projecct}
So hoping the children learn that Christmas and holidays are about others too.
And, the reason for the season...
 And for Dylan's project...rubbery shelf liner traced around a plate.
Glued and sewn by 7 year old Dylan for his holiday presents.
A bottle or can gripper..opener!!!!
Muggs' gift to us:
A vacation at her beach house.
Eight women with eight sewing machines for four days.
So happy to have the house and animal sitter lined up..
Actually, just quite happy.
Thank you our dear Muggs.

ps...Did I tell you that I found an awesome new grief therapist.
Second round, next stage...sigh...
Grandma is!!

ps again....Debbie Hix   I cannot email you...can you please give me your email address..xoxo


Cjsmimi said...

YAY Lynsey! Oh, to be young! When I saw the Singapore fabric, I thought..."Who spends this much?" But, if it was all there was, I guess I would. ;-P Looks like life at the O-Quilts is getting better, just more slowly than one would like. Christmas projects for others is the most wonderful lesson. Good Granny! Someone (you) told me to keep sewing and it is the best advice. So, "Keep Sewing" because it is better than meds!

Bridget said...

HI, Diane. Been incommunicado for a while, but always feel happy to catch up on your life when I get to the computer. So glad you are out and about again and having a great upcoming sewing session. Your Christmas present plans look good! I need to get going on this. Anyway, thanks for your blog and thanks for sharing your life.

Mystic Quilter said...

Looks like lots of things happening around your place! That Singapore fabric is expensive !!! What a treat, four days vacation at a beach house with friends - what are you going to sewing?

smazoochie said...

The three children have blossomed & grown strong in your care. They know Life can hurt but the best way to deal with the hurt is to love & give & laugh.
I wish I could get my brother to a grief counselor. He is in a nursing home now because of 9 months of self-neglect.
Have fun (I know you will) with your quilting group!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Spotlight is our cheapest fabric store here in Australia - you can see why I used to buy from the US until shipping rates became way too expensive. Love a Spotlight sale. :)