Saturday, September 30, 2017

Growing and Growing

Fabric freak here couldn't resist some Amy Butler specials at MQG
"Eternal Sunshine"  Sateen

Twelve year old Evan making pancakes.
Lynsey showing off  her fabric collection.
She has made a spot for herself!!
The story:  When Lynsey was five, she had this flannel shirt that she loved.
Grandma put it into the Goodwill, cuz, it was way too small.
Grandma fished it out of the Goodwill bag when Missy complained.
Three years later, Lynsey helped me make her doll a shirt from that very shirt of hers.
We put the pattern over the buttons and Voila..
Lynsey learned right sides together, how to sew a straight line, how fun sewing can be!!!
She was home from school that day with a bit of reaction to her flu shot.
She used her time to sew with me and to watch American Girl videos on how to make things for your doll.
Dylan and Grandma researched 2nd grade reading books on Amazon.
He picked out a few and has been reading ever since..
 Evan loves the cute little Mickey Mouse waffle iron.
He surprised us this morning with breakfast!!
They are growing up..and oh, so helpful.
Grandma  is growing too, unfortunately I think it may be the candy corn.

I must say that I am surprised at the homework.
All homework is online and it is way difficult.
Poor kids with no computers.  The library has computers but limit the time.
Today I found out that all report cards are online too.
I just figured out Power School...kind of...ugh!!

I have to figure out now, how to install Spelling City
and Xtra math and Compass Learning.
TBTG Raz Kids was installed last year.

Also, just realized that I can no longer stand on a stool safely to change a light bulb or to fix the strings that pull the lights on.
 I cannot fix a broken screen on the porch.
But I can walk!!!

Evan is grounded for his grades.
While he was sleeping, I saw his remote for his X-box and took it.
Today he had the last laugh...Grandma took the remote for the race car.!!!
He thought that was  hilarious.
Poor Grandma O'Quilts...trying so hard to get with the times..


Cjsmimi said...

Oh my, Grandma O'Quilts, these pictures and stories make me smile...especially you and Evan and the remote controller. Little smarty pants!!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I think learning that creating is fun is one of the best lessons - wonderful for Lindsey to see that side of sewing while still so young.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Diane. Glad to see you're still sewing up a storm and managing with the grandkids...and I agree with about the online homework--man, it's tough! So glad to hear that you got to get away for a vacation. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. With all the house painting to do, I can barely keep up with the blog!
Have a great Fall, best, nadia

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh this made me laugh! You have been a busy woman!Those grands love you so much and truly do want to learn and grow.. with or without candy corn! Hugs hugs hugs!