Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor Day Love

Quilting first...I cut and made blue binding for this quilt.
Now I do not think I like it after all  my work.
What do you all think?
There is blue in the quilt...does this overpower it instead of enhance it??
Maybe it does not even matter and I am overthinking it.

Labor Day visitation...We  had a great time.
Daddy stayed 3 and a half hours...He fixed things and loved on his children..
Daddy is 50% Cuban...Kids are 25% Cuban
We are from Miami after all.
Kids helping daddy cook the burgers.

Eight year old Lynsey loves "Bake It" on U-Tube!!!
Today she frosted her cake all by herself... Look how proud!

We all love Daddy..hoping always for the best!!

Today I decided to teach the grands...the Marcarena...I told them that Grandma was going to buy  them a CD and we were all going to learn it.
They told me that they all knew it and that I did not have to buy it, it was on U-Tube
Then they showed me.
Poor out of touch.

And young and beautiful Cara on her new quilt!!

Some days, like yesterday, I do not think I can function any more without Mr. O'Quilts...
Then, the next day...I am still here!!.
My hip is getting better.
Off all the heavy pain meds and back on the vino tinto..
Over did it of course on the cane so back on the walker!!

My sister took the younger children for the night last  night.
Today she came and fixed Labor Day dinner...
On the way out...she told me that next time I cry about having no family support.
I am to remember I have her....a sister who cares.
xoxoxox for my sister!!!!
Dae and her man brought dinner for tomorrow and Wednesday.
Soooo nice..
 For those of us trying to "help", one of my favorite clips from
On Being
And, then....
Ten things I learned as a widow


Karaquilts said...

I'm glad you have so many good photos of your son with the children. It will help them to have those photos in their lives. I know he's a good man and you love him dearly. As do the kiddos. Savor the good moments as best you can!

Hmm. Blue binding ~ ~ I think it looks okay, but maybe not wow! Without looking at the whole quilt, I was wondering if a gray might be gentler than the blue ~ ~ However, the blue is fine if you need to go forward with the finish!!!

Thank you for sisters and friends to enrich our days! So glad you have both. It doesn't make the other losses less, just more bearable!

Hugs for today :)

Cjsmimi said...

Thank you for all the lovely photos. Some day they will be pictures from "way back when" and they will be cherished even more than today. I like the blue binding. As I look at your finished quilts posted here, I am always amazed how you have such good intuition when it comes to pairing fabrics. You take chances...a good thing. Yes, good sisters are a blessing. One of my sisters, Sylvia, watches over my other sister, Sharon (mentally handicapped and living in an adult foster care home). They both show me why we are on this LOVE each other...that's all. They are in Michigan and I wish I was closer to help more. But, I always have a listening ear for whichever one calls me to talk.

Mystic Quilter said...

Pleased to read you had a good day Diane and the promised email will definitely be on it's way later today!!