Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Survivor

Sitting outside today in the beautiful Carolina long before its time..
I felt that I had been through Hell and come out the other side..a survivor!
All with help from my friends.
Including Ms Zoe, who misunderstood the command...
or maybe she just liked the quilt vibe!
Last night a call from a new friend, Carol, in Florida....whose husband died of ALS and who had the hip surgery last March.  She cheered me on and gave me hope.
Nine quilts quilted as a gift from my friend Terri..Nine??? Crazy me.
I feel well enough today to cut the binding for this one,  for a June birthday that I never addressed.

 This morning I got out of bed and used the cane.
I am amazed.
I have not used Tramadol all day, just the switch to my old standby, Naproxen.
I just might live after all.
 The outside cutting station..heavenly.
Finished...88 tissue covers for the holidays...Dear friend Muggs
already found the tissues for me at the $$ store at Oak Island.

My next project will be the bag holders for the pantry..
Grocery bag holder
Here is a tute ..I did not use this one cuz I already have it in my head.
And I use fabric scraps.

Thanks to my friend Cotton and Steel quilt delivered to Ireland to a 12 year old niece surviving Sudden Death Syndrome...She is doing well now with a pacemaker.. she deserves a Cotton and Steel quilt.
 That fabric line is for strong girls and women...survivors!!!!.

And life goes on...Funny how the sun just shines a lot brighter when pain is at bay.
Trying not to over do ...but I think I will try to do a small drive around the corner to my Saturday night meeting.

I see that there is a workshop in Chapel Hill in October giving me 6.5 credits toward my license renewal.  It is for caregivers of ALS...nurses, CNAs, social workers, Hospice Workers..
.My old self thinks it would be interesting.
 My new self does not think I can handle it.
 I have so changed..Sorry self, I am such a wimp.


Mystic Quilter said...

Dian e, I love the colours in your quilt, Zoe looks so at home lying there - perhaps she's giving you a message that she would like one. Great progress to using the cane now, keep up the good work. As you rightly say, your niece is certainly deserving of the quilt you made for her, I hope she continues to do well.Let us know if you managed the short drive next time. Email coming to you later today.

Mystic Quilter said...
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Karaquilts said...

I love the quilt photos and the wonderful friend who quilted so many for you. You will have such fun putting the bindings on ~ ~ and enjoying the finished quilts one at a time! But I am most excited to hear you have less pain and more mobility! Hurrah! May the pain continue to diminish and the mobility just get better and better ~ ~ enjoy your day today.