Tuesday, September 26, 2017

So Much to Tell You...and so Little Time

Back from 4 day vacation at Oak Island!!!
Thank you Muggs for the best ever.
Tonight I have time to show the blocks I made from UFO's
Disappearing nine- patch favorite pattern..so easy.
 I usually spend time with this sort of top, rearranging to suit.
This time..what I see is what I get.  I do not think it  matters 
how many purples or blues are back to back.
Below..lunch break..with tables at both ends...we have 8 sewing machines!!!!
The hummmm  of happiness...
More tomorrow...
The two baby quilts I made from the jelly roll top I did
in the nursing home 2016 while recovering from my knee operation.
 Tonight at Charlotte MQG I donated them to the church bazaar.
They give us free rent for our meetings.
Thank you Terri for quilting them.
Now it is bed time.
I am soooo much better.
I am so happy.
9 weeks and 3 days and barely a hipped up whine tonight!!..


ES said...

You're having fun! Yey for sewing. I'm looking forward to some sewing tomorrow, I need to finish off a cushion cover. We've had a four day holiday in Goulburn, and we had a day trip to Canberra:) I'm exhausted now!

Cjsmimi said...

Love reading that you are healing body and spirit, friend. Lovely quilts, too. Keep sewing...XXOO

smazoochie said...

I'm so pleased you had a vacation -- with friends & sewing & talking & laughing & maybe some wine & chocolate.
What you made are all wonderful, lovely gifts to have on hand to give when needed.
And you are rested & restored & healing! YAY!
Give Muggs hugs for me.