Friday, September 29, 2017

More Quilty finishes from vacation....

Zippy purses...I made 25 of them!!!
tute from the Empty Nester

The can lid grippers for Dylan to sew for holiday presents,
 Some grocery bag holders for Lynsey to sew.
 My sister's Bento Box for her neighbor with Lupus.
Utube tute from Fons and Porter

 MP finished her top of 5 years in the making...mostly my scraps.
Way to go MP
 Even we took a sewing break...of course it was for eating!!!!
Drenna made a bag as gift
She embroidered the crown
She is a whiz on the embroidery gifting.
Muggs' specialty..aprons..
Sherry our group's creative brain designed this awesome casserole carrier
We do not have the tute yet, It can be passed around the table without getting burned..
Somehow missing is Terri's jewelry bags and hand applique
This is it...all but the awesome sunset and the sound of friends laughing.
We had the best time ever.

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Karaquilts said...

I love the retreat "report" complete with the sounds of friends laughing!!! It gave me the gift of my own retreat memories and all of the music and laughter ~ ~ we love to sing along with the oldies and remember words and stories each of the songs carry in our hearts. I'm glad you were able to have a few days of play and restoration :)