Thursday, November 1, 2018

Adios Halloween...Hola the Rest of the Year....

Hello and Hello

Bye bye Halloween

It is nice to be back and posting.
After two times in the ER
After IV antibiotics for Cellulitis
After two courses of take home antibiotics
I do not have Cellulitis.
A young new doctor...first year after residency, age 36
told me that I really have Edema.  Can you believe it.??
She is so young and so smart...She is my new doctor now.
She said I can go back to the pool...
Thank you all for your encouragement.
I have been trying to balance my depression meds...
It is a real upper to find a new smart young doctor.

For your fun perusal:  

Great quilting spots:
Passage Quilting, Sherri Lynn Wood
Sherry Lynn Wood is coming to Charlotte in March.
Please to the universe, please let me be able to
no surgery, no sickness  ...let me live...!!

LeLand Ave Studios
Has these awesome posts called the Creativity Project
Today I enjoyed:
Zak Foster

My son is saving me...He is still our miracle.
We are all adjusting to his being back home after all this time.
He gives me hugs.
He helps with the children.
He fixed the garbage disposal...again...
He goes with me to Aldi and loads and unloads all the food.
He encourages me to stay in the day and enjoy what we have
instead of indulging in my hobby of worry.
He even brought out the Oreos he had been hiding...

I took the three grands today to get their flu shots..
A little counseling with the pediatrician for the 13 year old
phone/ vs grades temper...whew...
I am so exhausted.
I am so glad to be back in the saddle.


Barb said...

What a fun Halloween Post! I'm glad you are doing better and I love seeing those cute kids.
Thanks for the links too !

Rosa said...

I've never left a comment for you, but I have read much of your blog. I just wanted to write now and say that I'm glad it sounds like you're feeling better and thank goodness for your new doctor!

What a wonderful environment you create for your grandkids, decorating for Halloween and such. They will treasure these special childhood memories all their lives!

Take care of yourself and I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

Cotton Farmer said...

So glad you are back, Diane! I have missed your posts! Thankful you son is such a gggod help, and thankful for your smart new doctor! Continue to take care of yourself.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Just saying hello - I need my mojo back for quilting. My group did 140 quits for charity. I guess I can take a break.