Friday, November 16, 2018

Nothing but Happy

Rosie enjoying the purple sofa and the back drop of my
100 year old strippy quilt from Oklahoma...
Rosie enjoying her life in Portland with my daughter and SIL

Here:  Cat love..
The greatest of presents from the loveliest of friends.
A kitty cat xoxo
Our now very political Queen Bee...too much fun
I am Woman, Hear me Roar...
We b sewing and fighting for woman everywhere....good for us!!
Karen's quilt

Karen did free motion in the corners...
Karen in the green.

I have to wear compression stockings for my edema I found these
cool and awesome nurses stockings online...
Evidently they are not the kind I am supposed to wear.
Evidently I am not a nurse.
I was trying to beat the system!
Just lovin' Azteca today with my fellow travelers...Two B's and me.
My daughter at Anna Maria Horner lecture at Portland MQG
Her jealous ma...getting just a picture, that's all....

Thursday, our Friends in Stitches group met
We are ending our meetings for awhile
Let's see what the new year brings.
We made 7 quilts for Hospice.!!!
Great idea we just might be on to pillowcases!!

After lunch today, I wandered into World Market.
The turkey crackers were 50% we will do turkey at Christmas this year.
So clever...Grandma O' thrifty!!!++
 Last year the chocolate advents calendars were all gone.
This year Grandma is on it....$1. 45  Wahoo.
 I could not resist this plate...thinking of Swedish grandma.

All happy stuff...We are humming along.
Tomorrow the Guild Sit and Sew...Hopefully
I will get a quilt finished for the holidays.

Just FYI
We are all so much better with Daddy back living with us.

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Cotton Farmer said...

Oh, Diane, what a delightful post! Yes, so glad your son is home with you this year! Enjoy this holiday week! My girls are coming in tonight (a day earlier than expected, with friends! 👏😁. And we are back in harvest, now that the snow has melted from the cotton! 😂 And if we don't finish before Thanksgiving, then we will finish picking shortly after.