Sunday, November 4, 2018

Solid Disappearing Nine Patch Finish...Good Job Grandma

How many ways can you celebrate done...finished...a wonderful feeling
  1. Just missing the thread snips and the washing,
  2. then ready for gifting. 

 Good girl Zoe...quilt worshiping😇😇
 I have two quilting rooms, but oh, no..that is not enough
Here I am trimming for the binding on the screened in porch
A table is permanently set there for this.
The other rooms are too messy with other projects.

 This has been a great weekend for the children
Lynsey especially loves to play alone in her room.
She has to have her hummus snacks up there because she
is behind on her lesson plans.. See, she teaches her dolls!
She plays with her doll house and rearranges her room
She makes up stories and reads books to her cat.
Tonight she asked her daddy to play dolls with her and he did.

According to the parent/teacher meeting . the Friday news
for Dylan, is that he has been elected mayor of his class.

Evan's grades are good and his behavior is better. He is the  king
of friends....he listed about 10 friends the other day.  He is our social man.

After my son went to church, ..he put away the Halloween things with his children 
I took still another nap...

I have a TV problem.  Since I ditched cable to save money.
I cannot watch the sappy Hallmark holiday movies. I know that they all end the same,
but they are so relaxing.  I can sew and not miss a

I have no book to read...a good reason...early voting is so intense that a person can
hardly drive near the library for voting...I will be is important!!
Oh...I forgot, I have books downloaded on my I-Pad...wonderful me..

I was raised in an Air Force family.
Today I can feel..."Off we go into the wild blue yonder...."
Feeling the good feel.
A person can love the Air Force and still be anti-war.
Just sayin.....


Cathy Cartledge said...

Oh, thank you Diane. Once again you have put a true smile on my face and in my heart. I have been sharing your journey with Jeremiah.

http://thankfullga447 said...

Love Love the quilt, you have talent. I don't watch TV order my DVD from the library and got an attachment to play DVD on my computer. I use to have a computer with DVD inside but it broke.

This week I am organizing and getting into quilt room to get things done.

Connie said...

It is such a good feeling when a quilt is completed. At the moment I am working on a quilt for my sister-in-law. After her mother passed away and she was clearing out her things, she came across this quilt top made by her grandmother back in the 1930's or 40's it's made from flour sacks. I am gently hand-quilting it for her. I enjoy doing at least one hand-quilted quilt each year, but do many on my machine in the "quilt as you go" method. Having a long-arm would be nice, but not in my budget :) Your quilt is beautiful, I love the cheerful colors and fabrics that you choose. The boarder, the binding and the backing fabric are the perfect finishing touches. It will certainly be treasured:)
Happy Stitching!
Connie :)