Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dear Mr. O'Quilts

I know you know and I know you know that I know. 
 We are getting better and standing on our own two feet.
It is being done in the shelter of each other.

This view from my sewing room has always comforted me.
Fall is leaving and winter is coming.
The natural seasons in life.

I bought myself a present the other day...on a Craftsy sale.
The $11.95 Aurifil  $8 a spool. Since I  belong to Blueprint (Craftsy)
Shipping was free...I love free shipping!!!

I am thrilled with the thread..I know that you would say..
"Good going, My Dear So worth it if it makes you happy".!!!

Last night, Lynsey came into the sewing room announcing
that she wanted to make her doll a uniform for school.
She selected a "pillowcase dress"  Evidently in the school that
the doll goes to, butterflies are in.
This grand of mine, loves to iron.
I remember when she would get to iron as a reward
for learning her multiplications.

The dress is done, but a few items.
She wants a label in the back of the dress so it looks real.
And the hem length has not yet been decided on..
Lynsey refused my help...
Thus...a bit of seam ripping.was necessary.
Show and tell tonight at my Wednesday quilting group!!.
She is so proud
pillowcase doll dress

Check out this link for donations to:
NC Hurricane My Carolina Home

from poet, Mizuta Masahide

Barns burnt down
I can see the moon

Happy Birthday Mr.O'Quilts
Enjoy your journey, my love.


Karaquilts said...

Your poetic soul is showing and I love it.

I also love that creative Lynsey. She gives me lots of smiles with her creativity. I remember my Sweet Susanna creating crocheted, hooded jackets for her animals, with ear and tail holes, etc. Such fun to see what they come up with.

and I love your man with you. So very glad you've loved and been loved and that you carry it forward.

Rosa said...

This reminds me of the saying: Happiness is the harvest of a quiet eye.

I suspect that Lynsey is going to be a fiercely creative type--and good thing, too. We need more of that in this world.

Happy birthday to your beloved.