Monday, November 5, 2018

Grandma O'Scrap

Thank you Carol for getting me out of here for lunch.
I loved meeting your friends...and of course, the cause!!

From leftover pieces of oilcloth..zigzagged together. I made a pencil case for Lynsey.
It is finishing touches...fastened with Velcro
and filled with pencils.
Sticking it in her backpack tonight for a surprise.
Here is our girl with a bag I made for a refugee girl from Somalia
Lynsey was so kind to donate some books.
But, when I suggest that she also donate one of her new packages 
of pencils, she started to cry...NO!! Not my pencils..!
We did not know what had come over her.
She said that she loved pencils and that the children in her fourth
grade class just broke them...She  hated that so much...
Thus the above new pencil case with sharpened pencils and pop on erasers.

Eamon had a ratty pillow with the stuffing coming out.
He wanted to dump it...not so fast, I said...
Covered with a soft flannel is more than fine....
 Bound this quilt for Hospice tonight.
Using up the scraps..
Our Friend in Stitches group.
Starr quilted it, I just finished it..
The picture is more funky than the quilt.

The eve of the election fills  me with angst!!!
Gotta sew and sew and sew.

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