Saturday, November 17, 2018

This Day of Mine.

Looking over my day at the Guild sit and sew..
I finished 5 potholders...Now I have 26 ready for the holidays.
 Worked on a few Delectable Mountain blocks.
Dropped everything, thread, instructions...etc, spilled my diet coke, cried, ironed a
sore onto the table that was not mine and had to have everyone help me
like I was an old woman in pain...But laughed in the comfort of friends.

Whatever...Last year, as you know, I asked Santa to make me a bit younger
and a bit less achy, but oh,, no he could not be bothered.
I will try again this year.
I am so very grateful for Linda and Kathy and all their help today. ...

Meantime, my messy  sewing room has attracted Lynsey and her
school project.  The assignment is to design her teacher's new condo.
The students are to furnish  it and give the measurements.
It is a math and creativity project.
My grandgirl is having a great time, cutting and pasting and creating.
She even brought down her cool pillow for creating comfort.
 Into the small sewing room, came Zoe and her bed..

Thanksgiving is about love and family.
I am letting the children go with their mother to her large family gathering.
It is good for the children.

Here at home, there will be a small gathering.
My sister and my son.
My son wants to learn the cooking. He will be great at it.
The empty hole is Mr. O'Quilts...
He always cooked the dinner.
It will be different.
It brings a tear or two to my eye.
Change is hard, Love is everything.

Christmas will be here soon...
My daughter and son will be home.
The children will be with us then..

Check out both links below for  a happy happy night.


Kaja said...

I'm a bit late, but a happy Thanksgiving to you too.

Mystic Quilter said...

I'm pleased to see your Delectable Mountain blocks, they're so much fun to make. Are you making a very large quilt? I wonder which student will win with the condo design, great idea. Hope your son cooks you a great meal and good to read that your daughter and her husband will be with you for Christmas.