Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Grandma O'Quilts Gets out of her Box

Here we go again...Boo comes downstairs to check out the tree.
He just loves the season!

Something new for Sherry's birthday

The Peekaboo Pouch
 It is hard to see here...vinyl is hard to photograph.
This pouch has a zippered bottom pouch and a zipper free top pouch

 For the first time ever I put in plastic snaps.
Online I ordered the below set...easy and fun.
plastic snap set
Kids in front of the tree at their mother's house.
See baby Ava...8 months old, doing so well..

The saying I need to live by
Trying hard.

My son cooked the entire Thanksgiving dinner.
I am so proud.
He is fragile as he emerges from his ghosts..
He is brave and strong and true.

My girl plays her tin whistle at least 3 times a week at Irish pubs in Portland..
She just loves music......
To the joyful heart of her mother..she is now setting up her own sewing room,
and...has set up a sit and sew in heart...

Need a bit of motivation here. making something new and creative...using my best fabric.
Like Mr. O'Quilts used to say..
"Hello Goodwill store....She died...come get her best fabric
She just could not bear to use it."
Sherry's birthday present,  the Peekaboo Pouch was a start.

Tomorrow it will be 24 degrees in Charlotte...brrr


Michele Bilyeu said...

The peekaboo pouch is darling! Such a great idea for a gift 💜 All your friends will want one, now. Good thing you bought lots of extra snaps 😉
And your son and grandchildren...doing so well. All who read here cheer him on with love, support, and prayers. And you, always cheering for you 💜

Karaquilts said...

Ditto to everything Michele just said! I'm so thankful you are able to share your son's journey and that even though it is still hard, it's upbeat. May he and all of you continue to bloom and grow and emerge into new butterflies!

And pleased with you for your girl in Portland. I know they must really enjoy her and her music. Such a gift.

You are loved and valuable to many :)

Shasta Matova said...

Looks like that tree was made for Boo. I need to get my holiday decorations out too. Love both pieces of advice you have offered. Letting go and using the best fabric! Thanks!