Friday, December 14, 2018

Ten Days Before Christmas

Dylan shines for the 3rd grade holiday school show.
Both his parents went.  So proud of them.
My photos are so sketchy ....Oh well..
   Only a quilter would forgive the mess in the background

Lynsey is doing a Secret Santa at school tomorrow.
She asked her grandmother to make the pouch.
The night before...of course!!!!

An old candy wrapper for the front
 Oil cloth for the back.
candy wrapper zippy pouch
She added a few treats inside.

My Wednesday night group  basted this flour sack flimsy for me.
Flannel on the back and wool inside...
I was going to tie it, but Jean suggested a wiggly machine stitch to secure the seams.
It is hand pieced with loose stitches.

Three days until my girl comes home for Christmas..

Thank you Michelle for sharing Maya with us.
This Christmas poem is just perfect.


Cotton Farmer said...

Wow! Beautiful quilts! And such fine grands! That Dylan is growing so strong and handsome! And Lynsey is adorable! And she is learning well from her grandmother the gracious giving of little gifts! So glad both parents went to school program. So important for children to have their parents' love and support. And soon your daughter will be here. So happy for you!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Hello, I organized my roon a few times and then I cannot find a thing.

Kaja said...

What lovely pictures of Dylan and Lynsey and the quilting mess looks just fine to me! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your daughter.