Monday, February 25, 2019

A Friend in High Places

A long lost visitor  yesterday, my friend....the sun!!
I took my great book outside,  I kept moving my chair..
We followed the sun as the wind blew it behind the waiting tall pine trees..

Here Comes the Sun, Nina Simone

The rain gauge said 3.5 inches, Sunday was 70 degrees F
Totally perfect.after weeks of cold dreary rain.

Why did I leave my knee so long that I can barely walk at all without wincing in pain..
Oh, I do favorite vacation spot is the land of denial and I did not want another surgery.
I moved my ortho appt to April 3, instead of May 3...of course he is booked before then..Ugh.

My crabby disposition was calmed by this:
She is making a mattress for the bed her father made her for her birthday.
She pushed my hand out of the way, sitting herself at the machine.
She put the speed on the lowest in order to sew the perfect quarter inch.
What grandma could be crabby at that??
She turned it herself and stuffed it with leftover wool..
Tomorrow night she will come with me to the CMQG and tie it in place.
 Poor friend Marie has a boo boo on her toe...two surgeries and a boot.
Look what she did for me as she sat around all gloomy..
.My yarn, I am so done with...a scarf for me, one for Lynsey and one for dolly!!
Thank you Marie...I am so lucky you are my friend.

Emily sent me this picture..:
It used to be fun for me to take old animal food bags, converting them into totes.
Emily found this on the ceili dance floor in Portland...Chicken feed bags..lined with rip stop..
She is so dying to have chickens at her house....Himself said NO. review my 2019 goals..ha ha ha.
!.  I have been going to the pool one or two times a week. YES
2.  I have gone to every sit and sew possible. YES
3 I quilted the feedsack quilt. YES
4. Grownup me, can now order books online at the library YES
5.  I have been trying to do nice things...( a struggle for the crabby one) YES

6.  AND...minding my own business....I did that twice..
We are almost two months into 2019.
Both instances were early in the morning when my son was getting his children up.
The one yesterday had him quietly telling one of his sons. something.
I strained to hear..I wanted to open the door and find out...
But, I put my head under the pillow and let him deal himself.
I guess I just love to be in the business....
Two times...Guess I have to start somewhere. YES

Before tonight is over, I am going to pull some fabric for a new block.

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Mystic Quilter said...

Oh good ford Lynsey - a new quilter on the way! Now you seem to be off to a great start for 2019, hope it continues on that way for you. Guess the fly in the ointment will be the surgery on your knee, do you know just when you'll be having the operation?