Monday, February 4, 2019

With a Roar of an Engine...She is off...

Slept in....Lynsey.too.....She was still a bit sick.
Went to my senior water exercise...Lynsey took her I-pad.
She helped me carry my bags and put my water shoes on..
There is nothing like the water to deceive a person into being 21 again.
Until it is time to get out!!

Evan cooked dinner...scrambled eggs for his siblings.
He also cleaned up after!!

The neighbor brought cake.

When all are in bed.......
The creative work begins.
 Dylan's jeans that he absolutely refuses to ever be thrown away..we will see.
Mended by Grandma
The extent of my String Thing Along.
Probably will be potholders.

 At least I am sewing
The 16 patch squares that Grandma O'Quilts forgot were 3 inch square
At a Sit and Sew, I got to talking and cut them 3.5
The result is going to be a rectangle baby quilt
.Stay tuned.
Lynsey continues....
I have not seen this side of the table for several years...
 She is throwing my scraps into the scrap bin willy nilly...
without admiring them and caressing them..and loving them...etc.
How could she???
Maybe she is right???
She says that when she finishes here...we (she) will start with my bedroom
I always feel better when I sew.
Especially with my grandgirl around.
She will be 10 in 12 days....amazing.


Julie said...

Your perspective of the inside eye to life never ceases to make me smile. You are one amazing woman/quilter/grandma-extraordinaire. I love visiting, and am sorry it's been so long. Glad to hear you are still in motion.

livelymonkey said...

What a sweet little darling your granddaughter is! Wonder if she has any days open for organizing MY sewing room!!!! Good job!

Bridget said...

Lindsay sounds like a treasure and your sewing through thick and thin inspires me to Get Something Done. Today will be challenging: Yoshiko Jinzenji sampler is giving me fits!