Sunday, February 17, 2019


Voila...Ms Double Digits
How in the world did this happen??.???
An I-pod and playing with dolls...
I already love 10 years old.

Lynsey, age 10 years and her sister, Ava age 10 months.

I found this while I was looking for something else.
A partially finished quilt top....
Who does this?  Just leaves it half done and starts something else???
When I look for the fabric to finish it with...I will probably again... find something else.

From the Tula Pink 100 block book comes the:
first 30, before I gave up.
Potholder much fun
My dearest Mr. O'Quilts from the Irish countryside would
be beside himself if he saw a dog of ours on the furniture.
At 11, our Zoe sleeps where ever she wants now.

Saturday, there was a great Sit and Sew with our Guild.
I have been sad that a friendship door closed...I always hate that.
Grateful that more doors open in time. Saturday was wonderful

I love this collection...I gave one to Jean one year for her birthday.
Country Threads Sewing Caddy Collection

Cold and rainy in Charlotte.
TBTG I have a sewing machine and stash!!!

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Shasta Matova said...

10 and 10. What a cute milestone for both! I would never any unfinished projects. Who does that?!?!? ;)