Friday, February 15, 2019

That Silver Lining Thing

Amazing Grace
My mustard star, returned, quilted by Katy of Katyquilts
The quilting is truly spectacular

 I love it so...that I am including all the pictures.
Perfect quilting!!
 The backing is my Halloween "Boo" honor my cat, "Boo"
and to honor the hue and to honor the using of a great bargain fabric I have had forever.
Presents galore to cheer me up...Wahoo
Everyone's favorite....laminate.
Thank you other Lindsay!!
Grandma O'Quilts gets into her Red Period.
A lovely baby quilt for saving in the closet.
 Backing from IKEA
Since I got carried away with my red blocks, here are 5 placemats
our CMQG donates to Meals on Wheels.
 Favorite backing that I decided to use anyway..cuz they say that I will not live forever.
Lynsey and her daddy made strawberry cake for her 10th birthday tomorrow.
Lynsey usually likes chocolate, but her brother, Dylan has a birthday next week
and he ordered fruit in the cake....Ms Double Digit changed her cake wish.
Really Lynsey?????

My clever daughter
My girl and her dog...waiting at the kissing booth for her man
to get off the airplane and kiss them hello...
At the kissing booth yesterday.

Goes to show you that a difficult day can turn on a dime to a lovely gifted day.
xo All thanks to kindness.

Yesterday's  Melanoma check up was negative...grateful.  My arthritis pain
was so out of control, that two people  had to help me get on the exam table.
Jeeze Louize....How did I get here??

Last night my son, made dinner, did the laundry, cleaned the kitchen,
put his children to bed and went to a meeting.
Since it was crybaby day for me..., his kindness made me cry in relief.
Evan made me a nice cup of tea.
Dylan cleared the dinner table.
Lynsey reminded me that on Saturday, she will be 10 and
did I know that that was double digits?.
With great excitement, she wrote "Happy Birthday"
to herself on her own blackboard in her room.
Guess she is getting ready.

She told me that I had bought her two presents and since I usually
forget where i put things, she knows where  her new bathrobe is hidden.
And, I have the two days to find the earphones...OMG
double digits is right!!!

I would love to ride my roller coaster in a smoother way...guess that is not for me.
A great exercise in the pool today with new supportive friends.
A very good day.

OMG  This is so not  in  my skill set... please...


Cathy Cartledge said...

So much love. So many gifts. Thank you for sharing "hug'.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

You don't have a Google+ account the way it looks to me. You are just regular Google Blogger like I am.

barbara woods said...

I love your star quilt

Mystic Quilter said...

Such a pleasure to read this post Diane, apart from the problems with the arthritis of course!
Your star quilt is wonderful and the quilting just perfect, no wonder you're thrilled with it.
I hope Lynsey enjoyed her birthday, her cake must have been delicious.

Kaja said...

A post full of such good things. Happy birthday to Lynsey - you blink an eye and they are grown. Your star quilt is just beautiful.