Thursday, February 21, 2019

Tula, Stephanie and Jessie

Wonderful quilting group.
Basted Carol's baby quilt
Celebrated Stephanie's birthday..a rayon challis scarf made by Sherry
A wash cloth made by MP with a crochet hook and lessons available.
A few potholders from me
Dear Tula...I could not make your quilt..I stopped at 21.
But I loved what I are some more potholders.

A few days ago,  I hit up the grocery store for some subs to share with a friend..
There was Jessie behind the counter.
Jessie is a substantial woman, all dressed in deli gear..white apron/ white hair net.
I do not know her.
For some crazy reason, I asked her if she had lost  her husband.

No, she said, I lost my youngest son in an awful car accident.
Our eyes locked.  She heard my story. ...then....
Jessie came out from behind the counter and gave me the biggest hug.
She said that I would be OK and that she would be OK
My directive from dear Jessie, was to  wave to her every time I came in..
and she would give me the high five...that all would be OK.
Sharing our stories gives us an instant bond with people.
I am making her a potholder...
That is how I show my love xo


Michele Bilyeu said...

Love love love.
Yeah for potholder therapy and love.
It will be o.k.(darn it for taking a long time) but it will.

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the bright and cheery potholders!

http://thankfullga447 said...

Your potholders are so beautiful, high five.