Sunday, February 3, 2019

The Love that Keeps Grandma Still Standing

Amaryllis, a gift from my son.

My Boo....all toasty and nice in my bed on my blanket from Guatemala.

My girl and her man and her out in Portland

My girl plays the tin whistle in Irish bands ..She is amazing

My son and two grandsons..are
Repairing the old deck in the back of our house...The 8 year old is thrilled to be included.
The 13 year old said he did not sign up to fix decks...ha!
That got him into the back yard even faster...
Totally forgetting her new year's resolution of minding her own business,
.Grandma decided to go outside to supervise
Back to my sewing room..ha
.It takes a lot of energy to my my own business.

Dear Mr. OQuilts made that back deck about 10 years ago.
My son says it cannot be saved, wood rotted and mildewed..
He is trying to patch my memories.

From freezing weather to Carolina Blue..
.Today, I was able to read in the backyard.
Daffodils already in bloom
Lynsey came into my sewing room today.
My joints were all in pain.
Putting her hand on her hip, she announced that most people
do not have such messy she was going to help me.
She proceeded to move everything. announcing that things must be
swept first....hmmm OK...
Then she organized.  I sat there dumbfounded.
Lynsey is 9. She has an organizational skill- set that I could not dream of  having.

I was at a 504 plan meeting at the middle school Friday.
They kept saying that Evan does not have organizational skills.
I said, he has AD/HD and you cannot teach those can only modify his behavior, Organizational skills are part of who you are , like music...Sigh..I have neither.
Thank you, are a dream.
I was so tired watching her, that I said we would take a break Lynsey said..
NO!!!.Grandma...You snooze, you lose...OMG!!!!

I just read a great book, Tallgrass, by Sandra Dallas
It reminded me of life today...and the fear that changes good folks.
It also showed the kindness of the human spirit.  I could not put it down.

Today, all my energy  has been stolen by two AD/HD boys and their verbal impulsivity
Read that:  snotty mouths...I just cannot believe how they talk to me..
 I have put them all to bed.

I so need a vacation....but...
A nice phone chat with women friends is lovely.
 A great email or text is met with joy.
 Wonderful blogging friends with comments and emails lift my spirits.
Generous gifts of time and kindness keep me going.
Nothing like women who stick together,holding each others hands thru the storms...

Never Give Up


Michele Bilyeu said...

"Never give up." That says it all. You give up and you snooze and as Lynsey says "When you snooze you lose!"

You truly have amazing kids and grandkids. And mouthy is hard but if you tell yourself they're learning and growing in independence every single day and other than that you're doing fabulous my c"an't mind only her own business" friend. We all love you and so do those kids 🤗

Teresa said...

I enjoyed reading your blog today about your kids and grandkids.

Mystic Quilter said...

A lot going on at your place Diane. Sad about the deck but when the wood is rotted there's not much that can be done. You have some lovely photos in this post Diane, flowers, furry friends, pictures of your daughter, your son with his sons trying to help and dear Lynsey making such an effort to get the room tidy of Grandma!