Monday, February 11, 2019

My Happy Gifts

A gift that stole my heart.
Anna Marie Horner--- thirds,  in flannel.
Thank you so much my friend.
A wonderful Sit-and-Sew today with Ellen and Karen.
Ellen showed us a quilt she had juried and sold after a North Carolina hurricane.
Hurricane Watch ,  by Ellen Guerrant..
I am surrounded by artists.

Our MQG quilt for Quilt Con

Last week, I made new friends.  I was leaving a lovely lunch out, when
I caught sight of a handsome man with an awesome smile.  He was about 40.
He had a cane, I had a cane.
 He was smiling at his mother.
His face was just full of spirit. I walked closer to the spirit.
 His body was all twisted.
He struggled walking and with balance.  At first I thought....CP
When I got closer, we talked.  His story:

He had had his own business, lots of friends, a house on the beach and a wife.
 A brain hemorrhage left him very disabled.
So disabled, body distorted, that..
He had not ever want to leave his house again, but his mother insisted
that he would go out to lunch with her every day and use his smile.

His wife left him, he lost his business and all his friends went away.  
People tend to run fast away from disabilities and disease and grief.
They have their own lives. People can only take so much.

I felt so blessed to have met this man and his smile
I cannot get him out of my mind...playing a poor hand so well.
If I had not just eaten, I would have joined the family for lunch too.
New friends, old friends...all so great.

Please help me figure out the new Bloglovin/Google rules. is so beyond me.


livelymonkey said...

This is such a beautiful story. I always say I meet lovely people every day and it’s true if you open your eyes and your heart.

Barb said...

what a touching story. What a loving mother and a willing son. I hope you meet them for lunch someday.
great fabrics wow

Karaquilts said...

Well that was a wonderful story to start my day! The fabric surprise and the smiling gentleman.

Melissa and I met a woman at Cracker Barrel one day, with obvious physical limitations, and her comment of "my life sucks, but I'm chasing joy every day" really stuck with me ~ ~ I went home and named my next quilt "Chasing Joy" Seemed an important reminder of a positive encounter. And a challenge to do better at Chasing my own Joy!

May you have more warm surprises today :) and a bit of joy to chase!!!

Karaquilts said...

But I can't help you with the Google/Blogging stuff ~ ~ wish I still had that part of my brain, but the technology leaves me behind so quickly and changes so often that I can't keep up!

I know that's what intrigues and motivates the younger set, but not so much for me and my peers!!!
But I do hope you find a guide out there, because your blog is important to a lot of us :):)

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

What a wonderful encounter - people are amazing. I stopped using bloglovin as a way to browse blogs a few months ago. I just use my google account - the "reading list" -

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

I mean that I use the "reading list" on my BLOGGER account.