Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Happy Birthday Marie

Happy Birthday Marie..Kaffe lover!!!!
I made this bag for you..
This is the inside...See how the instructions have all the seams bound.
All ends, even the zipper top, is boxed.
I had never done it like this before. I am impressed.
Designer bag by Sew Can She
A free video well done.
Charmaine did homemade cupcakes and nice
Here is the birthday lady with a new scarf...made by Sherry.
Our group waving "Hi" to those who could not make it.
Jean made jewelry
 Margaret did an adorable English thing
A great night with friends.
We love nothing like a party!

Our group is facing a lot now.
One member in the hospital
One member has an infected diabetic toe.
One member needs a knee replacement.
One member having a blood clot removed tomorrow.
Thank goodness for the shelter of each other..
And, for me, TBTG for my son.

Holding my mother's hand as she died..

Grief Over Time; The Ball in the Box

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