Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Best Medication is Friendship

Happy Birthday Margaret....How Irish is this?
Tea bags for the bottom and tea cups for the top xoxo
Shamrock cookie cutters inside.
Lined Drawstring Bag

Four Meadowland blocks done!!
I am not a big fan of white background...
I much prefer color, like
But, I thought this quilt called for white.
I am going to be making 12 blocks so it will not get so big.
Four at a time should be fun.

 Flying geese 4 at a time is a new way for me.
That process is waste.. It was hard to stop.
When I was 19, at Arizona State, I remember sitting in the sun making
flying geese by hand.
My mother was aghast...she did not send me to college to quilt...ha ha
That was about 50 years ago..

Feeling better here.  I have been to  the pool three times this week.
Good Mrs. O'Quilts.

As for family, my grands are so loved.
 Each family member contributes something different
Here is our Dylan fishing with his step-father, Brandon

My son's best friend/mentor is moving away.
My son feels sad.
My survival over the years has depended on my setting strict boundaries
between my son and his friends and me.
Still when a child of mine is sad, I am too.
I am also grateful for what his friends do for him.

My friend Vicki is in the hospital
I always liked her.
She is 99.  I made this postcard to cheer her.

The pendulum swings...Tonight, I desperately miss dear Mr. O'Quilts.
Using this energy to make a few potholders/mug rugs for friends in need.

Happy Birthday today to my favorite son-in-law.
And, so it goes...xo

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Teresa said...

I had not heard of Meadowland blocks - yours look great. I love lots of color in quilt, but I do like white backgrounds too.