Saturday, March 2, 2019

March Birthdays and Family Ramblings....

March birthdays:
Friday, my girl turned 36...(left)...amazing...middle, my XDIL is soon 34 and my SIL is...grown up!
The above picture was taken 10 years ago before the Ava (3-27)
Two days ago., February 27.....
Happy 9th birthday Dylan
Aunt Emily sent him Nerf gun bullets...Dear me...
His daddy got  him Lazer tag...Dear me again.
All grown up...He ordered white cake with 7 minute frosting and berries

Here we go...the old lady has just gotta accept it.
Mrs. O'Quilts was just pushing the cart around Costco when
her knee and hip locked....ugh...
I had to call out for two employees to help me..
They got me a scooter cart and transferred my groceries and found my son.
OMG...the minute I sat down, I was pain free.  TBTG

"Humility like the darkness, reveals the heavenly lights" (Thoreau)

The guys were so nice...I blew them kisses as I rode by...then I realized that
I had become my mother.......Lordy....

My son went to a doctor for the first time in 8 years..whew..
Now he is in the garage playing rubber darts with two of his children.

Friday night....our Evan ready for the 8 th grade school dance

fun sewing hacks

Michele comes thru again...patterns for St Paddy's day

Art Gallery is my this instagram roll


Karaquilts said...

Humility, hmmm. I think you may be on to something. Hard to remain stubbornly proud when you can't move your legs, i.e. body! Yes, I have had a few moments ~ ~ when the clerk at Walmart in the scan it yourself check out place runs over and scans my whole cart for me, then finds a nice young man to take my groceries to the car for me ~ ~ at WALMART, no less! I didn't know I was communicating my discomfort, but I guess it just sort of oozed out. Humility is an appropriate word.

I love being old enough to call everyone "honey" without any scandal attached. Maybe I'm finally a "grown-up" !

I hate that your legs cause you so much discomfort. Such an interruption in things.

Read more books. Stroke more fabric. Hug more children. That's my motto.
Hang in there, My Friend, uh, er, Honey!

Mystic Quilter said...

Isn't it good sometimes to have a peek at older photos and have a trip down memory lane, good times and bad too.
Glad to hear you've had a little time pain free Diane, would be good if this was the norm for you.

Michele Bilyeu said...

You are such a sweetheart! Books, fabric, family love all around...and thinking of your friends, always. Bless the Costco helpers! I got so tired of walking in circles trying to find a Thanksgiving turkey. The checkout guy made conversation and I admitted my spatial issues. Can't find my way out of a paper bag nor a Turkey in a plastic one, apparently!

I was his only customer right then. He closed down his line, brought me right to them, found a cart and wheeled his two accompanying turkeys back to his register. Then he reopened it and got me right through. I asked his name, found the store manager and praised him to the skies far above and beyond. We need all the help we can get on some..ok, most days 😆