Monday, March 11, 2019

She Stands Tall...Fighting her Fight..Go Grandma...Go

I am making a baby quilt..with a pattern that resembles:
St Brigid's Cross
Jelly rolls are good for this, with a cross cut 4.5 inches.
I do not usually work in low volume but, for this quilt, I thought I would.
Tutorial from Diary of a Quilter
I just changed the size of the block so I could use the jelly roll.

I have put Meadowland aside as it is a mother-daughter project and my
girl  has yet to start.

Kaffe Fassett  is coming to Charlotte in the fall.
There will be a lecture and trunk show...then..classes
 Rumor has it that it will be several hundred dollars.

I am so over the fact that ALS, like any catastrophic illness, stole my money.
I am so over worrying that raising 3 children at my age with no financial help is

I am so over being disgusted that American healthcare has almost no dental
coverage in Medicare, in spite of the fact that it is the senior who breaks and loses old teeth.
I am now looking at a crown for a broken old tooth..for $1000 or so.

Still alive, and fighting, I am going to at least part of Kaffe's visit.
This is how...I will celebrate my craft.

I will have the offending old tooth pulled for $200, forgoing the crown!!
Last year, I had two teeth pulled...OMG
Desperate times require desperate acts.
Really, I do not movie star days are over!!
My priorities are does that to a person.
Grandchildren do too.

I may feel down, but I am not out.
I am a fighter...I fight for the children in the schools. The boys both have AD/HD
I go into those schools with my cane to be sure that the children get a fair shake.
I fought for my husband.
I fought for my mother..
Now...I insist that I fight for myself.
I insist.I do what I want to do..
Pulling my tooth will empower me...I am in control of so little.

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Cathy Cartledge said...

I'd do the same thing if the tooth was a molar. If it was in the front, hell yea -proof of a fighter. God bless you and keep you going. I want to buy a quilt. Do you sell?