Sunday, March 17, 2019

My Day of Exploration

My dearest 9 year old Dylan...I noticed that the bookshelf in your room would make a lovely addition to my second sewing room...I hope you are enjoying your time this weekend with your mother. LOL
I will make this up to you  💕💕💕💕 I promise more Nerf gun bullets and a chalk bulls-eye on the fence for your pleasure.
The brown one was the one moved downstairs...It used to showcase antiques
in a gift store...The store closed so I bought the two of them for my mother.
When she moved into assisted living,  I took them home.

It did not take long for me to fill it with baskets....
In the process, I have found one million charm packs, projects galore...
I even found this:   OMG  a flimsy/top from a "Block in the Box" exchange from
about 6 years ago. It has been pin basted for 3 years. Shot cotton...
What is going to become of me????

What I know from years of living:
Secrets make you sick.

And, as Rachel Houser so beautifully wrote in her recent blog post:
"Silence creates distance.
It is honesty that builds a relationship.
It's a transparency that allows one to be known.
When we hold back to protect those we love, we only succeed in hiding ourselves away.
What we protect with such silence is a glass facade.
It may look lovely, but it is empty inside"

,Rachel, I hope you enjoy your time in Europe.

I have spent the past 40 years of my life helping people help themselves.
Teaching communication skills.
 Showing folks the benefits of making the covert overt.
Now retired, it is about my self-care and my dear grands.
Selfishness and self-care are different.

Things are going well.  Evan is having a friend over.  He just made quesadillas for them for lunch.
Yesterday I went to a Guild Sit and Sew....I asked Lynsey to make me a PBJ sandwich to take with me......She did.  Dylan routinely picks up things I drop and brings the extra chairs out for our quilting group.  He helps his daddy work on the cars.etc..
When I need a cake made for a quilting, either Evan or Lynsey will make it without help..
.And my son is a God- send.
.I am so lucky

On I plod, doing the best I can.
Enjoying my family, my friends and my fabric.
The three F's of my life 💚💚

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Kaja said...

I wish I had fully pieced quilts hiding in my stash!